The 5 misunderstanding of Shanghai Longfeng personnel should breakthrough

What parts of the

station every day 2, 3 chain (the chain is to contribute, user needs very soft or Links)


1. (Creative demand mining user demand)

industry, are in the fight outside the chain, when you are diligent than others you will be the top.

article add links:

Small and medium enterprise Update

Li Xuepeng here want to say is: the chain is a key step in the website to vote, but it is not the only way.

must control a certain proportion of the chain:

‘s regular but not quantitative website what? Such as news sites, new.


many people are easily in the optimization of the web site in the chain cycle, that all the chain is the site optimization, as long as do the chain will be ranked up, don’t let him do the chain he will not know what to do. Especially the chain Commissioner and some primary Shanghai Longfeng personnel optimization site only know where to send, send, content collection content with links, can not be deleted successfully released. A large number of people are doing. We can look at the various forums, especially A5, Chinaz, tui18 and so on a large number of people into this kind of misunderstanding in the forum collection of other articles to publish.

1. chain error.

what site is suitable for regular quantitative update? Such as technology blog, such as school friends blog, if every day to maintain a degree of an update on time every day it will let readers have a habit of reading every day, see bowen.

2. that all websites need to update.

People do not have to optimize other aspects of the

super popular keywords

update is divided into three categories:

[2] regular quantitative

alone can do the chain of the site:

regular quantitative update

website content of the incubation period is very long, the harm is very big. Many websites update spam may be included in the short term, normal snapshot. But a substantial update to the search engine, such as update immediately every Thursday will drop right or be K.

The Need a literal interpretation of the text of the 2. local

is not every site need to update, not every site need to update every day. Now many people stop doing business or other small and medium-sized website Shanghai Longfeng, updated daily articles that industry news that in doing things, doing optimization. Even a lot of business promotion department supervisor or manager are strict requirements on the website of Shanghai Longfeng daily updated greatly. In fact, this idea of business is a cup, thanks to a thankless task every day, then may be reduced or K right.

Talk at the bottom of the site keywords layout

above love Shanghai official answer, can get the so-called time navigation is misleading, if excessive use, even in the optimization of the excessive embarrassing.

love Shanghai official said: "the link weight judgment is an extremely complex system, we do not recommend attention to technical details. Any strategy in our system, are based on "whether the user has the value" as the principle and standard of judging. This is not just a slogan, in this link on the topic may wish to apply: a page appeared many different words, point to the same link, they are of value to the users "

first, we look at the two views on this phenomenon:

In The ?

2, looking for is a keyword, the purpose is to increase the density of keywords, is a kind of low technology content, optimization and even wrong!

another question: "if the link text is different, the weight of the search engine will be how the allocation of link

?If you have ?"The most powerful explanation

in Shanghai love club, has the following question:

station optimal network that Shanghai dragon is not a general theory of disciplines such as philosophy, it is a combination of theory and practice, practice more than theory subject, so, for any problem in Shanghai Longfeng, we should take actions to test with the facts to speak, in this spirit, we use the keywords View >

1, at the bottom of the site with keywords as anchor text links to the home page, this phenomenon is called secondary navigation, is conducive to search engine rankings, because doing so, every time the spider crawling can give a little weight lifting keywords, in addition, add these keywords will increase keyword density in the invisible, though keywords density of this item in today’s search engine ranking system to occupy the fraction is very low, but it is still a little help.

"a page has more than one duplicate link, and link to the same text, search engine to pass the weight, the weight is delivered only once, each link to transfer the weight? In addition, the weight of several duplicate link to get the same?"

The optimization of Shanghai

, welcome you to open the discussion, if not, I hope you see this point of view.

above is now optimization Fair for some of the views of the optimization of the bottom, right or wrong, station optimal network is not here, we only talk about our views and opinions, hope to inspire you!


the official explanation is: "repeat links will not repeat the link weight increase."

sex Shanghai dragon Er, when you have sex in Shanghai keywords optimization, have found a problem, that is in the enterprise stand this website, are ranked at the bottom of the site, most of them piled a lot on the homepage of the site keywords, this kind of phenomenon, you have a thorough understanding of it

Love Shanghai alliance advertising and search keywords matching

source: 贵族宝贝 Valley Network blog please cherish the fruits of labor of others, please keep the information here.

if you look may have been found to show some website love Shanghai advertising alliance even you often focus on industry. You may feel strange, why are you interested in some industries have appeared in different types of Web sites love Shanghai alliance advertising


today, in a purely entertainment website often can see all kinds of advertising industry, and quite a few are interested in the industry. For example, the stock market, I search for half an hour ago, now, in a stock market with no relation to the site, to see the stock trader, like Shanghai alliance in advertisements. I then search for "gold" to "lose weight", opened later put love Shanghai advertising alliance ", found that there have been advertising alliance gold investment, gold investment software, slimming tea, L-carnitine and other related.

had many love advertising Shanghai alliance are selling drugs, especially some of the male kidney, next to a hot beauty map. Although such ads could bring good profits, for love and love Shanghai Shanghai customers but to bring more visitors is resentment.

so it seems that the starting point of the initiative to love Shanghai to website owners and advertisers are very favorable. If you really can have the effect as expected, is likely to improve the popularity of Shanghai love alliance.

search, determine what are you interested in, and display ads that match. This will undoubtedly bring increased greatly to love Shanghai alliance advertising hit, let love put Shanghai alliance advertising owners have the chance to get more income through the love of Shanghai alliance. Because most advertisements will be with the user’s interests, presumably advertising conversion rate, customer turnover possibility will be higher.

According to the previous record of your

On the construction of the chain you say little things


1: search engine ranking, keyword before love Shanghai products; (think keywords in the site of the weight of Wikipedia, know products such as the low

: the construction of the chain of time

many people is to link and exchange links, as long as the love of Shanghai, we have included, then change, this situation has occurred, here a few everyone knows the truth, which is worthy of exchange station:

two: exchange links should be gradual and regular

3: the site for more than a year, in the new, stable and have included a certain number.


many people a new line, the first thing is to love Shanghai query search engine is included, if included second things is the beginning of the shouting exchange links. This situation I think we all met. Here I said the construction of the chain of time, we often see many new sites before one or two months is very good, one or two weeks ranked first in second, but after a period of time? To page second and even further afield to, but also how to go home, this is the chain do fast results, love Shanghai for a time you found a strong chain, ranking up, but a look back the chain and the site in the station capacity, time does not match, like a weak body eat tonic, but was dragged down. My suggestion is that a new station on the line after three months, the second point, ranking is relatively stable, also had the love Shanghai assessment period, this time can choose to exchange links, as for how to exchange, in the next step we discuss.


2: the favicon.ico icon in the search results before the love of Shanghai; (high weight station, it is self-evident)

in the station, everyone is talking about the chain for the emperor, in A5, also saw a lot of discussion on the construction of the chain " " " the construction of the chain, I see " my method, we see are the same old stuff, but the content is such a method: and send the chain. There is a blog, BBS signature, blog and so on, how much do not see a novelty. Today this is some of my personal experience, exchange some of the construction of the chain article with the content and we rarely involved: the overall strategy about the construction of the chain.

three: link exchange object

said what a site can exchange links, so we exchange links to pay attention to one thing: step by step. Don’t be a day in exchange for ten, twenty, so the search engine will be suspected of cheating, my method is the first week of a second week, two, and then superimposed to gradually deepened in search engine impression in 11 relatively rampant today, making careless boat million years. At the same time for the next link don’t one-time next ten months, volatility is too large is not a small impact. Here, the object of exchange link, how to find

The relationship between the site types and Strategies of Shanghai Dragon

forum type website profit point is the user registration number and the number of users online at the same time, according to the registration number, allows registered users to help you promote, and allow more people to register your forum. So how to operate? When a user registered in your forum, he will get a link address, he for example through this link address how many people are invited to the forum registration, his account can only be activated. Of course, this premise is that you >


2. type of e-commerce website

this type of website and blog sites are completely different, because it is itself the product sales, profit can be directly. So this type of website is focused on the flow and conversion rate, conversion rate and PV, higher PV conversion rate as high. How to improve the site traffic? This can use the Shanghai dragon or the method SNS community promotion, let more people know your site, to enter into your site. The conversion rate depends on the long tail word, though the long tail word search rarely, but because of the longer the word search, which can be inferred from the word search users targeted relatively strong, such as the word cheap kobe bryant search Jersey user, then his intention is to want to buy Kobe’s shirt, so the long tail word long tail word expansion of the site and the reasonable layout of the site can improve the site conversion rate.

when the Shanghai dragon data today, see a small section, called the target site Shanghai Longfeng strategy. This small section is to speak for different types of sites, should adopt different optimization strategies, so today I will come and Discussion on this topic. Today’s Internet site of the large variety of types, such as: personal blog type, e-commerce forum type, type, social type and so on, there are various types of Web sites have different meaning. But all sites have a final purpose, that is profitable, said the popular point is to make money. So for these different sites, we used the Shanghai dragon strategy is also different, below I to analyze.


: optimization of gravity flowThe 1. types of

optimization focus: user registration number + number of simultaneous online

3. types of

blog belongs to information sharing type of website, the blogger put some of his own experience and skills in a blog for sharing. So this type of site profit point can be a profitable advertising, since rely on advertising revenue, website traffic is the key, how to improve the site traffic? The method can be used together several, such as the Shanghai dragon + +QQ+QQ group mail. As an example of Lu Songsong’s blog is the profitability of this type, at the beginning of his blog and hanging on the right are advertising.

: optimization of gravity flow + conversion rate of

What is the biggest sorrow of doing business do all the company’s power to make a product, but nobod

aether currency quotes like roller coaster

‘s digital currency, headed by bitcoin and ethereal currencies, has topped the market value of $90 billion. If it is regarded as a currency of a country, it ranks fifty-sixth in the world in terms of aggregate monetary aggregates. Not long ago, Japan’s regulators also decided to use bitcoin as a legitimate means of payment, which is the world’s first developed countries formally adopted a positive policy stance on encrypted digital currencies.

in their early ready to launch this project, they more reference to the similar foreign products mode, the focus for business travelers, looking for several cooperation hotel in a city, the establishment of online payment system, the use of prepayment mode. As a result, for a period of time, the operation is very bleak, and the daily orders can be counted by fingers. At first they felt that the direction was right, but that something had gone wrong. It was not until half a year later that they finally came to an end. But half a year has been wasted.


"lean entrepreneurship" is the solution given in this book, MVP. That is to say, it is feasible to test your product or direction quickly through designing experiments when the market is uncertain. If your hypothesis has been validated and put into the market on a large scale, if not, then this is a quick trial and error, and adjust the direction as soon as possible.

Ethernet workshop is to support Contract Smart: a code that is distributed over a block chain. It is like transaction information. Once written to the block, the chain is hard to modify and automatically executes in accordance with predefined rules. It is this certainty that makes it an effective tool for managing and allocating digital assets. Almost every type of financial contract can be written in the form of an intelligent contract, which is trusted. For example, you can set up a global target and deadline in the smart contract. If the target is not completed after the date of arrival, the funds raised have been automatically returned to the investors. Intelligent contracts can achieve far more than this. Many developers have issued their own tokens Token with powerful intelligent contracts, a unit that creates new value storage on the block chain, and thus evolves a new financing model: ICO Initial>

actually, the book "lean entrepreneurship" was first recommended by Zhang Tao, the founder of public comment. In Central Europe, he took ">."

in general, there are two things you should do to start a business. First, you need to know what the user’s needs are; and, second, what solutions you can provide for such a requirement. In essence, these questions are unknown. If in all uncertain circumstances, hastily determine the direction of the whole company to lift the force, it is likely to appear like tonight’s Hotel Specials encountered at the beginning.

bitcoin in 2009 by self proclaimed Nakamoto Satoshi mysterious developers released, became the first widely used, and is currently the highest market value of the encrypted digital currency. Inspired by bitcoin, the 21 year old Russian Canadian Vita Lidtke · Butlin Vitalik Buterin from the computer science department of University of Waterloo in Canada dropped out of the creation of the Ethereum. The price of "Ether" has been on the roller coaster for the past year, soaring, tumbling, and fluctuating. In June 21st, the price of an American currency, Coinbase, was reduced from $319 to a low of 10 cents in an encrypted currency exchange GDAX.

‘s market capitalization of $90 billion

did all of the company’s efforts to make a product, but in the end no one used it, which is the biggest waste of start-up companies.

in 1637, the first economic bubble in history occurred in Holland. In the flower market, the tulip once caused the unusual crazy pursue, thus causes the tulip bulb to be in short supply, the price soaring. In 2017, Crypto Currency became the hottest topic in current global investment, and the growth rate was staggering. Bitcoin prices have risen by 420% in the past year, while the price of the currency has jumped by 1600% over the same period.

when Ren Xin later reflect on this period of entrepreneurial experience, draw a conclusion: start-up companies do all the power of the company to do a product, and finally no one to use, this is a real waste. Later, when he was learning to read CEIBS entrepreneurship camp "lean enterprise" this book of MVP Minimum Viable Product, referred to as MVP, namely "the minimum viable product" concept, the enlightened, he found a solution to the problems encountered at the beginning.

took this project for example, tonight hotel special offer, if he is a start to worry a lot of manpower and material resources, in cooperation with a large number of hotels on deep line, but the city, art dragon, Taobao and other online listing data sign over, concentrated on one page, even his own pocket for each room discount 100 block, you can do a very good experiment, testing whether the user needs such a service; if necessary, what kind of model is more in line with consumer habits. This would take one or two months to gain effective information and cost very little.

, I have a student, is the founder of the hotel tonight’s special Xin, in the recent and CEIBS entrepreneurship camp two students share, he talked about the initial business of an important lesson.

/ Li Shanyou,

The main innovation of the

What should be done to bad client Shake off!

as a worker in you, you need to consider is what you pay, as long as the duty to work well, almost no what other concerns, but once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, all this can not be the same, what you have to consider the bad customers it will be accompanied by your career development.

"when his boss is easy to misunderstand, want to seize every customer, every business, but sometimes so instead of the disadvantageous." Stephen, ·, author of "killing the giant: defeating the ten strategies of the industry tycoons," said Danny. "You have to know what you can do, what you can’t do, and whether your needs and values match you."

What is the

do another benefit: good few customers recommend bad customers. Get rid of bad customers is also in the future to improve the quality of customer base. So, how to determine whether a customer is really with you or temporary friction? When you complain with friends after work in the wine on the table, quickly think about source. "Is it because a customer who sees the name in the mail will upset you?" "Icing on the cake" (Your  Best  Just  Got  Better) a book by author Jason Womack said, "· you need to establish a high quality network of future opportunities from here."

"health of a business is the key to success, it depends on whether the enterprise has to adhere to their own values." Colorado Boulder CEO Jim · (Jim  Franklin) said, first of all, you have to determine the values. We call it 4H: honesty (Honest), Happy (Humble), craving (Hungry), and happiness. Our roots

Million yuan to open the way to operate the clothing store

The clothing industry contains huge business opportunities

makes more and more people would like to open a clothing store, especially for some novice entrepreneurship, compared to other industries, the garment industry access threshold is low, relatively simple to use, has become a hot spot of current investment. But for small operators, how to open a small clothing store?

as the last century was born in 80s entrepreneurs, Li Yong ten thousand yuan of funds into the sea, just a short period of five years, has a total of six stores and one million. Her shop is from the hands of others in the face of the loss of the facade, and she is running the project is the most common, the most intense competition clothing, so, Li Jia is how to make clothing store stand out?

subway shopping malls in Xujiahui, with the layout of other subway shops and no two, clothing stores accounted for the absolute mainstream.

, however, one of them called "clothing concept" clothing store business is particularly prosperous. More than 10 square meters of shops were crowded with young girls in the streams of people busily coming and going, too busy to attend to all is a people in front of a bright young girl. Li Jia is the boss here, but also the other five stores in Shanghai operators.

was born in 80s last century, entrepreneurs, Li Jia has only five years of these. Five years ago, she knew nothing about business.

"snail shell" started sixty thousand months

2000, Li Jia and many white-collar workers in the office, nine to five. In the vicinity of Jingan Temple to work for her, a subway line two on the way to an encounter, opened her other lifestyle Title page.

in the middle of Henan Road station, I saw a small shop facing operational difficulties, are beginning to transfer. Although no one home business, but I am very interested in the shop, decided to ask the situation and then make a decision." Say it small, worthy of the name. Because it is only 3.6 square meters.

Li Jia recalls, at that time, although the subway shops are very tight, but the rent level is not high. The rent for the flat is 1500 yuan per month. My income was 3000 yuan per month, think even if lost, every month to take less than $1500, the risk I can afford." Now want to come, Li Jia some lucky, if the rent is now the level, then, his stage is still in the office.

opened a clothing store at the beginning of the business, limited funds is inevitable. In addition to the rent, Li Jia will spend all of the money to buy clothes from the wholesale market, where other provinces can save. No money to decorate, she found a stack of English newspapers, DIY, paste all the walls. All the upfront investment but ten thousand yuan.

Small series for you to resolve the symptoms of entrepreneurship

when you choose to venture this road, this is undoubtedly a difficult road, in the entrepreneurial process will inevitably have a different mentality, the key is to see how you’re going to solve, so have a good state of mind is very important, this small series specially summarized several methods to solve the symptoms and entrepreneurship I hope to help you.

: melancholia disease

: Wild disorder disease

>: arrogant therapy

Yiling District, Hubei Bureau of human resources and social entrepreneurship to support new ideas

the beginning of the new year, all levels of government are worried about how to carry out entrepreneurial new measures, Yiling District, the original 1234 new ideas, entrepreneurship has become a fixed business model, the birth of more people to join the ranks of innovation and entrepreneurship.

a theme clear new direction

two key projects to achieve new breakthroughs in