How to make the new website faster is love Shanghai included

content?The so-called

first: how to make love in Shanghai included in a short time

estimates that there are now many of the new website is very difficult to be loved, love Shanghai included, since Shanghai 6.28 update algorithm for included new mechanism is more and more strict, although from the web log to find love Shanghai spiders in sight, but not always love Shanghai website snapshot, released in the face of such situation how to do? I share my love is how to make Shanghai included in a short period of time.

of the chain in many ways, but I think the most effective or soft submission, after all successful submission of an article will be forwarded, many websites to achieve a rapid promotion effect, also is the forum signature, for I have a forum signature to say it is the signature must exist "text this is my personal links", the long-term accumulated experience, have to do is "Links publishing platform" link, the link platform advantage is long and stable, so as far as possible when the release link notes "add some and site theme related words, add links to related degree.

a new website online, the first is the need to have a good site structure, to reduce the love Shanghai spiders crawl crawl, followed by work, should have high quality content, because of love since the Shanghai incident in 6.28, love Shanghai for low quality content sensitivity is greatly improved, for some root pressure acquisition station not included, even if included, soon to be K off, many owners complain love Shanghai not included new sites in the quality of the content above, when the station optimization feel no problem, we should build a new site outside the chain, as long as the purpose to attract the spider is enough.

fourth: the author to submit to the views of Shanghai


second: how to let Shanghai feel love is high quality


many webmaster, including love officials in Shanghai are built.




love map

high quality content is newer, smaller, repeat content related to a higher degree, remember when the new site has not been included to collect or reprint other articles, the content of this site can use the front and back-end, middle pseudo original combination technique, the so-called pseudo original software now is absolutely out of the content is no, at the same time we must release the number of good advice, control of the site daily post in the first months of 5, the daily monthly increase in 10, 15, remember that in order to facilitate the release of a large number of one-off content.

third: Shanghai spiders attract love visit how effective


Methods using tiger Sitemap production site map XML



Sitemap main user administrator notices that are available for search engine website on the web crawlers.

open sitemap.exe


can automatically set




4, sitemap set the attributes of the file, select the XML format is the default, and then choose to generate file address, if the website data, you can select the GZ format, generally do not open;


1, unzip the folder, as shown in Figure 1 file;

can automatically set the selection, if the page weights have special requirements, you can manually set the complete set.

2, open the sitemap.exe, the new

Sitepmap is not a necessary condition, a website without Sitepmap can do the same, like the tree structure of DZ forum, the default is perfect, there is no Sitepmap map can be, but given to make the website more perfect, to make the search engine more love our website, add Sitepmap to the most beneficial to our website development.

Sitepmap is the most simple form of the XML file, is the most commonly used form. Sitepmap.XML web site lists the URLs and other metadata about each URL (URL of the other important degree of the last update time, change the frequency and relative to the website, etc.) so that search engines can more intelligently crawl the site.

Method of making

3, enter a project name and the corresponding address, for example: Project Name: help network station, website address: 贵族宝贝bbs.zb7贵族宝贝;

set sitemap file attribute


, the 6 menu items inside ==> ==> ==> sets the number of options; ==> the maximum number of threads to modify 200, this figure set according to the actual situation of the computer, I set a maximum of 1000, there is no problem, do not set too small, too slow to generate will often die card.

, I want to say today is the use of Sitepmap.XML tools: Tiger Sitemap generator, you can also love Shanghai download, here is the latest version of tiger Sitemap0.6.2.

enter the project name and address corresponding to

Website content description let the red creative to improve marketing effectiveness

in the META meta tags in all sites, title and site keywords set due to the question of the website ranking, are more likely to pay attention to. While similar website copyright, author and website content description is neglected. The reason is very simple, when the user login the website content description is not directly see, but the search engine has repeatedly said that the website content description is just a summary of the site as a whole, not as a basis for determining the site quality and weight. But the fact is really the case? I’m afraid not, I think, website content description is the central idea of a website, not only affects the site weight, also affect the effect of the user experience and network marketing.

network marketing effect by what decide? The first is the user experience of the website, the second is the site’s search engine cognition. So, the content of the website description to take care of these two points, you will get good marketing effect. Of course, by the description of web content caused by the marketing effect is far more than this, in the search engine promotion, the concept of a creative achievement. When users search keywords, description of the corresponding words trigger content displayed in red. As everyone knows the content of the website description >

two, website content description affect the user experience of

as long as the lookout, we will find a lot of the site itself is a separate written description of the content, but the search engine is not adopted, but the self on the site to grab a piece of text as a whole page description. What does that mean? At least you can be sure of a search engine, web content description of the attitude is not not essential. So when we describe in the writing of the content of the website, must not be free to, and should be treated with caution. The content of the website description should be accurate description of the current page, the content of the website more accurate description of the natural and convenient search engine. On the contrary, if the web page content description and many sites are far from the actual content, or content of the website description blank let search engine to extract. Then at least it can be said, it is not friendly to the search engine, will certainly affect the site weight to a certain extent.

three, website content to describe the influence of marketing effect

if the website content description is crucial to the search engine, so it is more important to the user. Because the site is to give users see, although from the site to see the content of the website, but it can be retrieved from search engines. When users enter a keyword ranking, not much difference between cases, which description wrote innovative and perfect summary of website content description, more of a natural attraction. On the contrary, although some web content description is very good, but the theme of the site is not far, will affect the user experience? The answer is yes, so that web content description written in accurate generalization of website content at the same time, also must take into account the user’s experience and experience.

, a website describing the influence of website weight

4 solutions for bidding cash on deliveryFriends microphone Commission rising notice

three, to express company for third parties

four, Taobao COD platform for third parties

in this way, 99% of all shook his head, think this is a lack of trust in the society, a few money conscience value arguments flying times, take the goods do not give money is nine out of ten things, dead loss did not discuss. However, after I test, of course, is in a small volume of business, shall not to sign on behalf of the collection activities has been done under the condition of 98% customers, as long as you send the goods there is no problem, as long as your words make people feel sincere enough, everyone is very complex, and is forced to wait put the money back to you. Sure, make sure your income loss ratio is large enough,

this is the last choice, if there is a better choice, please take the normal collection business channels, unnecessary risk or do not risk Oh,

a, in good faith for cash on delivery third parties

two, on behalf of the delivery Union for third parties

At present,

with the first scheme is similar with shipping company, you are, for the size of the company, credit quality, and whether the secret what means we can make nothing of it. This is ultimately in good faith for the third party, to find a good generation of shipping companies, you earn, no storage, no delivery links, just hard to promote, take single, delivery, someone to help you do.

at first, but also not to cannot but choose, not cash on delivery scheme, the goods first by ordinary courier service to the customer, after waiting for customers to receive the goods and confirmation of receipt, to the moral integrity, drive, will be paid back to the station.

Taobao COD platform is a delivery platform which is launched by Taobao and 6 domestic express companies. You can apply for cash on line, order online, select an express company, and you will have someone on it

, SEO and the main means of Wangzhuan led by SEM, and the bidding with its quick results, to enlarge profits, profits and is sought after by the webmaster, this can be from the overwhelming competitive training you can get a glimpse of one or two. However, not all people are suitable for bidding, the entire bidding link design many problems need to be solved, cash on delivery is one of them, but also for many beginners the most troublesome problem.


microphone billing method to adjust to login client billing, Commission raised to 0.4 yuan, welcome to put on.
        advertising code has not changed; all members have not changed.
        previous download, installation, billing, as late as 24 in the evening of September 17th.

this is well understood, the current domestic support cash on delivery service EMS, SF and just in time, for individual webmaster, as long as your monthly shipments reached about 50 single, total cost reached 500 yuan, it is easy to check, and the back is also very convenient, quick, is half a month or a month has been settled.

today, my younger brother came to share with you the 4 solutions for


Easy sh419 launched sh419 bomb trigger!You have to understand the story of Hotmail’s startup

to some extent, Hotmail’s two founders, Sabeer Bhatia and Jack Smith, are the "founders" of Web-based Email, a web service of this type. Of course, from a macro perspective, the occurrence of Webmail is inevitable, just a matter of time, but in the actual history, Sabeer and Jack Hotmail is the first such service to the enterprise network.

everybody stationmaster:  
    everybody is good! sh419, sh419 trigger shells on the line, welcome the majority of webmaster active delivery, I believe that can bring good benefits for the webmaster! Please contact webmaster customer service opened. Customer service :183288818 319035197

data returns: real time return.      

but in 1995, when Sabeer and Jack, the two former Apple engineers got together at first, they didn’t want to be Webmail at all. At that time, the Internet was just emerging and browsers were gaining popularity, so the first thing that two engineers thought was to remotely manage the database through Web – yes, the cloud was nothing new.

, so they took the idea of holding the JavaSoft web site to the venture capitalists, and their approach was that if the VC listened to this very ordinary plan, he didn’t make a U-turn immediately

they knew they had discovered an amazing idea, so they started raising money for venture capital. But they don’t want to say Webmail the idea of venture capital, because they are afraid to disturb the biggest Network Inc Netscape, once the Netscape with Webmail, the Sabeer and Jack of the two small shrimp game is over.

more information as in the League: top.admin5/u
to join Admin5 alliance channel, please contact the
if you are a Union Commissioner, please give me the latest information feedback, we in the first time to report to you. Feedback

, this situation lasted for a while, until one day they suddenly brainstorm, why do not use the browser to send and receive mail, using web pages to do a Email system, it will not be blocked by the firewall. If they make such a system, not only can they solve their own problems, there should be thousands of people in the world, but everyone has similar problems.

some years ago, almost everyone has a Hotmail, maybe you are still in use, you may have to switch to the Gmail arms, but in any case, as an Internet entrepreneur, you must understand the Hotmail story – no, Hotmail is Microsoft bought, not their creation.

two personal start over the weekend and after the development of the named "JavaSoft" Web database management software, but they found a thing that is in the company behind a firewall, their Email software cannot connect to the server to send out and download a private message, which makes between them file exchange is very difficult, often to the disk to pass, can let each other to get their own written code, or to print out data, to give each other.

The development trend of enterprise network marketing

the next few years, the intense market competition, more and more enterprises will be on the existing or potential market segments, and use a variety of marketing tools, such as the traditional media marketing, event marketing, event marketing, network marketing and other marketing together, and in many marketing tools, network marketing will A NEW force suddenly rises.. With the strategic position.

here, the author makes an overview of the development trend of enterprise network marketing, which may be related to its characteristics, nature, role, characteristics and other series of issues. Compared to the past two years and the next few years, network marketing will have the following major changes:

The ratio of input to output of

1. network marketing has changed greatly from current low input, low output, high input and low output to high input and high output. The reason for this obvious change is that the whole network market, especially the Internet users, has made a fundamental change in the cognition of the network, and the popularity of the network has a lot to do with it. There are three reasons for high input:

(1) labor cost is greatly increased, whether professional or degree of division of labor, which greatly enhance the cost, in some marketing companies in developed countries, especially Japan and the United States, the network marketing team of more than 1/5 of the number of the whole company.

(2) competition costs also increase in the market environment, especially in terms of SEM, competitive marketing can be reflected. The information of the network itself is massive. In order to achieve the effect, we need to take all kinds of measures to attract the attention of the people concerned.

(3) R & D costs, as users demand more difficult, users experience a higher demand for the site. It includes interfaces, functions, and other aspects of integration.

2. network marketing branch of network brand marketing and network marketing. At present, more enterprises in the network marketing stage, and in the future of network marketing, these two branches are indispensable. Network brand is a basic point of creating the network market, it can reflect the authority and credibility of the enterprise.

3. network marketing will compete with traditional marketing, forming a perfect integrated marketing system. At present, most of the traditional marketing and network marketing is relatively independent, few enterprises will be the two marketing integration, some advanced marketing concept, has been slightly reflected, but really want to explore more deeply, but also need to put these concepts into the enterprise management, especially in traditional industries.

4. consultant website development model gradually shaped, to "service" as the core of the site positioning is more and more web site goal. What are the main points:

(1). What the user needs more research on commercial website, the website can provide what users are looking for help or information for the user, rather than a kind of content and form is a whole website full of commercial advertising.

(2) form a sound consulting system, no matter what

Prepare food to attract Baidu spider, talk about how to attract Baidu spider

today should be said to be a celebration of the day, the station just built a month, has begun to let Baidu like it. Since building station, I often go to stationmaster net to study, the summary that studies my stage now is summed up.

recently, Baidu began to organize, many stations have been K, some people say that Baidu K is not afraid, there are Google, which is true, but in China, Baidu still accounts for a large proportion. After all, Baidu dominates China’s search market in china. Through my own personal experience, I’ll discuss with you how to make Baidu like your station better.

1, the development of a website, must first have a resounding name, the election name is very important. Select the name to follow a few names, a loud, two is simple, easy to remember, to be catchy. Three, consider people’s input habits, it is better to choose the keyboard subtitles relatively near. Have a very long time, I love movies, but there are many online movies need to download the plug-in online watch, at least I am tired, I certainly don’t see if a prompt to download Plug-in, if I want to build a movie website online to watch the fluid, must have the market. I’m a movie buff myself. My initial idea was to build a web site that could watch movies online, without looking at any plugins, and be fluent. With that in mind, I set about building my own film site. First of all, there was a loud name. I thought about it for nearly a week, and I helped a lot of friends. Better choose 565c, call me happy, I like, and 56 seem relatives. Oh, to tell you, this is a little clever, must with the station with relatives. No good pedigree, but can strive to improve their own, and cultivate their own good pedigree. Isn’t there a stationmaster say, the person has no I have, the person has me to change, the person changes me new, this behind is a person new I set up, set up own style. Moreover, the name, 565c, I’m happy, I like, 565 close by, and finally add a letter C, readily knock on. I 565c, I like music, catchy. And very festive, take a festive name, and their psychological, looked comfortable. Besides, I go to 565c every day, and I enjoy every day. How many times to go, just how many times I’m happy, I like it. Don’t make the movie station, I can do the other station, I sell the car, I like music, I like music I sell guns, find friends, I like to do my music, my music industry station, I like a lot, I think what to do. I’m happy, I like to mention the choice of domain names, according to Baidu’s preferences, Baidu is still very fond of COM, so I would like to recommend you must choose com, do not covet for a while cheap, choose a CN, or something else. Great influence on the future.

2, after the name is chosen, optimize your website, do keywords, keyword is very important. This mentioned the name just now, I am happy, I like, with 56, my happy video is very lovesickness. Of course, also benefited from the recent news of the 56 website, because 56 pause, my my music, I can fire a fire. A very good example, follow station >

Talk about my local industry site

was a little excited about writing for the first time!


has continued to have many websites, but also a lot of garbage station, one thing they have in common is what did not earn money! But learn it is very much, the energy consumed by many. From now to do a normal station, I do not know the classification of information site fired from when to raise a Babel of criticism of.

since it will fire, then we do, we are individuals, can not engage in portal, can not engage in information, so only in small ways. Because of the previous rental experience, too many intermediaries, and most people who rent no money, but the intermediary to receive 50% of the intermediary fees. So most of the 80’s young people like to find a house on the Internet, and Quanzhou is a place with a large population, there are many schools, so the so-called local industry website, Quanzhou house was born,


then SEO, posting flyers, posts, and links, from the beginning of their own collection of information to every day a regular customer release information.

is the so-called "Moonlight before the bed, two pairs of shoes, maybe everything was too smooth when you should be cautious, the nightmare is finally here, because the data space taking unilateral problems around, this information is on the site data, finally the data, and did not let it now I am very disappointed, once thought of giving up! But 08 years DZ and the laggards held stationmaster Congress once again let me determined Yongwangzhiqian!! hope that the webmaster friends do stand some rather spend more money to find a reputable business space not cheap!! so I changed my space, it all started, now 2 months later, the amount of information is also slowly up.

seems a little digression Le, NARAC back!


friends should know that real estate intermediary rarely actually will obediently put the information into the intermediary sector, are released to the personal sector, how to distinguish whether the intermediary information is a problem, the idea is to get a phone number to publish information statistics, the same phone release information must be more intermediary. I stand on the information to go through the manual review to show to the site, so you can also determine the artificial, is more effective than the previous distinction between intermediaries and individuals, but also conducive to the user experience.

Quanzhou housing now benign development, customer response is also good,


website is simply to make money, even now even earn a lot of money, about the profit problem is the problem of existence, only temporarily pull advertising and information recommendation and intermediary information released monthly top charges, has asked people to write the top recommended deduction procedures, but the payment interface is a problem, if you can join the mobile phone payment gateway that the effect should be yes, but the threshold is too high!! the Quanzhou rent, Quanzhou and Quanzhou real estate rental network adeu keyword ranking can also, it should be more persuasive to pull advertising methods have better friends! We can discuss together.

big and whole site, we grassroots power thin, local industry station >

Three entrepreneurial projects allow you to complete the entrepreneurial dream

  in recent years, entrepreneurship has become more and more people choose after graduation. But not everyone is fit for business. A lot of good entrepreneurial projects, the key is to have their own vision, to be able to grasp the opportunity to do their own more interested in the industry, and secondly, we must adapt to the local market, the market needs to sell out. The following small series to introduce a few easy to get rich good project.

snapadoo! Wang picked a few ripe watermelon, the melon seeds removed, washed, and then on the nutritional vacuole. The next day, soak a night of watermelon seeds into the majority of pots of sand, the end of the balcony to receive sunlight. 2012 new projects, a week later, the sand began to drill out the seedlings. Soon after, the first batch of small watermelon.

Girls do poineering work to do a good job after 80 girls resigned into a shop owner

entrepreneurship, has been the choice of many young friends to success. Girls nowadays more and more entrepreneurs, especially the younger generation, then the girl start to do what is good? The girl should go the road of entrepreneurship? Following small for you an ordinary girl 80 resignation entrepreneurial story, tell you what to do good business girl


however, one called "clothing concept" shop business is very prosperous. More than 10 square meters of shops were crowded with young girls in the streams of people busily coming and going, too busy to attend to all is a people in front of a bright young girl. Li Jia is the boss here, but also the other five stores in Shanghai operators.

2000, Li Jia and many white-collar workers in the office, nine to five. In the vicinity of Jingan Temple to work for her, a subway line two on the way to an encounter, opened her other lifestyle Title page.

"in the middle of the Henan station, I saw a small shop facing operational difficulties, is in the process of transfer. Although no one home business, but I am very interested in the shop, decided to ask the situation and then make a decision." Say it small, worthy of the name. Because it is only 3.6 square meters.

start at the beginning, the limited funds is inevitable. In addition to the rent, Li Jia will spend all of the money to buy clothes from the wholesale market, where other provinces can save. No money to decorate, she found a stack of English newspapers, DIY, paste all the walls. All the upfront investment but ten thousand yuan.

to start a business, means the beginning of a hard life. Li Jia did not quit his job, every morning to get up at five in the wholesale market to buy, hang up after the shop to pay attention to the aunt; after the afternoon of five, aunt off, the end of the work of the re appointment of Li Jia.