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For the eightandahalf years she spent in prison

first_imgFor the eight-and-a-half years she spent in prison, Kristan Kerr looked forward to one thing every month: a visit from her daughter, Chloe. Visit by visit, she watched Chloe grow from a toddler into a young adult.”I just watched her grow all the way up,” Kerr says. “One visit, she couldn’t read, and then the next visit she was reading something to me.”Convicted for aggravated robbery in 2011 – she was the driver — Kerr says she wasn’t making good choices back then, and it meant missing out on a lot.She and Chloe would talk on the phone and send letters and visit, but she says you can’t do the physical, nurturing part of parenting from prison. Even though Kerr trusted that Chloe was being cared for by her grandmother, she says you never stop worrying about your kid.There are more than 225,000 women behind bars, according to the most recent 2017 federal statistics. Half are in state and federal prisons, the other half in local jails. It’s actually a slight decrease, coming after years of ballooning incarceration among women.From 1980 to 2016, the country saw a 700% increase in the number of women behind bars. Exactly how many are mothers isn’t well tracked, but a survey of women in Texas prisons showed more than 80% of them are moms.Lawmakers across the country are now considering ways to send fewer moms with minor children to jail and prison, and to help preserve parent-child bonds when they’re locked up.In Texas, lawmakers are considering bills that would promote diversion programs, probation or other community-based sentences over jail or prison time to avoid breaking up families. Tennessee recently passed legislation to do that.There were some tough times for Chloe, who’s now 12. It was hard seeing other kids with their moms, but she says it’s been good since her mother was released in October. Not that it’s been easy, exactly.”It’s been a little bit challenging because I’ve still got to get used to her, I’ve got to learn her, get comfortable with her,” Chloe says. But, she adds, “I’m happier now that she’s here, that I get to see her every day.””Many of the women, once they get arrested, are scrambling to find someone to take care of their kids,” says Michele Deitch, who studies prison issues at the University of Texas at Austin. “So a lot of kids get shuttled from place to place, and if they’re not able to find a place for them, then many of the kids end up in foster care.”Other states are looking at incarcerating parents closer to their children, and expanding visitation so kids can see mom or dad more often. Incarcerated parents who have stronger relationships with their kids, Deitch says, behave better while inside, and are less likely to commit future crimes after they’re released.”It’s really critical for the parent to not lose touch with their child, and to stay involved and to feel like they can make a difference in the child’s life to be aware of what’s happening to them,” Deitch says.Growing up with their incarcerated parents can be damaging to their children. That’s part of the reason children with incarcerated parents are more likely to end up in the criminal justice system themselves, according to Dallas lawyer Brittany Barnett. She launched Girls Embracing Mothers, a nonprofit aimed at improving outcomes for girls and their incarcerated mothers, after her own mother was sent to prison.”Even though I was a young adult when my mom went to prison, my sister and I were devastated by her incarceration,” Barnett says. “It not only impacts the person in prison, but the children are the hidden victims of their parents’ crimes.”Kristan and Chloe Kerr took part in the Girls Embracing Mothers program. Barnett says she’s optimistic about reform legislation, but hopes it’s just a first step toward a more effective and less punitive justice system.”These women aren’t bad women, they made bad choices,” Barnett says.Texas Rep. James White, a Republican, says the crimes women commit are often different from their male peers. He heads the House Committee on Corrections, and introduced a bill to address issues faced by women in prison, including pregnancy and childbirth.”I hear a lot of offenses that are linked to domestic violence, so they may stab their spouse that’s abusing them and their kids,” White says, “young women that have experienced repeated sexual abuse from a family member, women who have fallen into the trap of addiction.”Researchers agree that a history of trauma underlies a lot of the criminal behavior that lands women in jails and prisons. Kristan Kerr says many of the moms in prison with her struggled with psychological and behavioral issues.”Women, they love their kids,” she says. “Maybe they’re stuck with addiction but that’s a sickness, but that doesn’t mean they don’t want their children.”Since she’s been out, Kerr has been working through a list of goals she set for herself to rebuild her life. She’s got a job, got her driver’s license, and she’s spending lots of time with her daughter. Copyright 2019 KERA. To see more, visit KERA.last_img read more

This summer at the BPL help Boston read one milli

first_imgThis summer at the BPL, help Boston read one million minutes, play BPL Bingo, Read Your Way to Fenway, and enjoy events for kids and teens!Boston Reads 1 Million MinutesBoston Public Library is challenging the city to read one million minutes this summer, from June 1 – August 31!How can you join?*Advertisement* Read – Books, poetry, magazines, news – it all counts. You can even listen to audiobooks, story times, or author readings. Check out some ideas for kids, teens, and adults.Report – Report your minutes read each week here or at any BPL location. Attend a read-in at the BPL to make your minutes count double!Recommend – Follow Boston’s progress in reaching one million minutes, encourage friends and family to join, and tell us what you’re reading on social media with #BostonReads2018Read Your Way to Fenway In this annual summer reading contest, children and teens read three books for a chance to win three tickets to watch the Red Sox play at Fenway Park on Sunday, August 19, at 1:05 p.m.  Entry forms and rules can be picked up at any BPL location or found online.BPL Bingo for AdultsFill in a Bingo Card (available at all BPL locations, or by downloading – in English or Español – and printing the card) with what you read, did, or discovered between Friday, June 1, 2018 and Friday, September 7, 2018.  Drop your completed card off by closing time on Friday, September 7 at any BPL location, or post a picture of the card to Instagram or Twitter using the following handles and tags: @bplboston #BostonReads.  For more rules and information visit here.last_img read more

Senate to probe Tolentinos novel legal theories

first_imgSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements No soup kitchens? Because every Filipino family, no matter how poor, can prepare their food anytime, anywhere and share it with every member of the family or others in need no matter how small, unlike the poor Americans who depend  on  soup kitchens or government food stamps in order to eat even if there is no calamity.MORE STORIESnewsinfoDemocrats fight over health care, immigration at debatenewsinfoUS fighter jet crashes in Death Valley, 7 park visitors hurtnewsinfoBatanes quake left P292 M infra damage – DPWHMORE STORIESnewsinfoDemocrats fight over health care, immigration at debatenewsinfoUS fighter jet crashes in Death Valley, 7 park visitors hurtnewsinfoBatanes quake left P292 M infra damage – DPWHIn this space, after the earthquake I mentioned the need for an Integrated Disaster Prevention and Management Plan that  covers all areas of the country from local to national levels which should be administered  under one line of command depending on the level of the disaster. This plan should identify in advance what and where major disasters are most likely to happen and how to minimize their destruction.  If local in extent, only the local government chief executive takes the lead to keep intact a  unity of command and execution of the plan; if the event is wide in scope as to cover many provinces, then someone representing the President should  lead and implement the plan. Such a plan, however, does not exist, as proven by  Yolanda.From my own readings and observation, it is the National Disaster Risk Reduction Management Council (NDRRMC) in Manila that coordinates every effort to prepare for the coming of any calamity and the relief work that follows  but  the actual execution and responsibility  is vested on  LGUs  in their areas. This includes warning their people in advance to evacuate to safe places if needed  and take other precautions, including storing enough food to  last a few days before help comes. The national government through its various departments is there only to assist the LGUs when needed especially in rescue work and relief operation which the LGUs may not be equipped to carry out.But if the damage is very severe and widespread like that of “Yolanda” and LGUs become ineffective or are incapacitated, is the national government ready and capable to take over the whole job? Theoretically, it is. It has the money and manpower placed in its various national government agencies not only in Manila but also in the regions, provinces and cities, including the army, navy, air force and PNP.However, the national government, as pointed out by a UN spokesman was overwhelmed and paralyzed by Yolanda. This I believe was due mainly to the lack of a coherent plan to guide everyone’s action in responding to the calamity especially after the breakdown of communication structures in the devastated areas. There is simply too much to cover also – the three Visayas Regions, MIMAROPA or Region IV-B and parts of the Bicol region at the same time, not to mention  government’s  ongoing rehabilitation  work in Bohol that was destroyed by the Oct. 15  earthquake.ADVERTISEMENT Angara: Investigate DOH’s ‘constipated’ medicine distribution system Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities PLAY LIST 03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension Satan is happy now because lost in the vortex of “Yolanda” it is now easier for him to turn our heads around, remove  our sanity, and destroy one another.In Tacloban city,  there is looting perpetuated by people with twisted minds. They stole not only food but  valuables as well. In Facebook, TV, radio and other forms of social media , heated debate goes on not only about whether the nation was prepared for Yolanda’s fury but also on whether the President is fit for his job in this most trying time. We forget that the most urgent thing to do now is to unite and  help in whatever way we can our unfortunate countrymen affected by “Yolanda”.ADVERTISEMENT MOST READ Fake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in Pateros There is a national debate  raging. Who to believe: CNN’s Anderson Cooper or ABS-CBN’s Korina Sanchez who happens to be the spouse of Interior Secretary Mar Roxas who is also the sidekick of President Benigno Aquino III?Who to believe? None of the two is my answer. For what I believe  is that with the help of the Almighty, the Filipino people will rise again from the great disaster that we suffer now. There is no use debating who is right or  wrong, and who is fit or not to govern. Nothing will come out of that  and the election is still far away. We, the people, are the nation. We, the people, are the government and everything else good and bad that comes with it. The most urgent thing to do now is to help in whatever way we can our unfortunate brothers and sisters made  to suffer by ‘Yolanda’.Foreign assistance pours in endlessly. We welcome them but they are useless if we continually bash one another. We have to  help ourselves first and  resolve our differences if we are to rise again.Read Next BPI nets P13.74B in H1 LATEST STORIES CNN’s Anderson Cooper commented that the government is almost absent or scarce in the field of disaster. He also said that he has not seen any sense of coordination in the government’s relief operation, adding that foreign donors also need to coordinate  work with the government which to him seems not to exist in the devastated areas.In other words, to Cooper, the Philippine government was unprepared for Yolanda and  the Aquino government will be defined and judged by what it is doing or not doing now. The Aquino bashers (many of us live with politics everyday) are only too happy to say Amen and demand the President and his trusted people resign. Some would even go to the extent of seeking  to replace the government with the US military to coordinate relief operation as if we are still a colony of the US.FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOPalace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spikeI agree that the Philippine government was unprepared or failed to do its best to meet Yolanda’s wrath  but that was true also with the Oct. 15 earthquake that  devastated half of Bohol  province  and in most of the other major disasters that we suffered during previous administrations. But though CNN may not see the government at work, which is surely not true, there is also in every true Filipino a hero, who, despite his many limitations, will do everything to help in this time of misfortune any member of his or her family, relatives, friends and neighbors.And they do not parade before CNN’s camera  just to prove that they are doing something.No military presence at the scene? Because the Philippines is not a military garrison or warlike nation that hires anyone who is willing to kill for money? View comments Quake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anew SMC bags Bulacan airport project Fake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in Pateros Tolentino: No more debate with Drilon on China deallast_img read more


first_imgMOST READ SMC bags Bulacan airport project IN response to the needs of the victims of supertyphoon Yolanda, Glencore will donate US$2 million as relief aid through the Pasar Foundation, which is affiliated with Glencore’s Pasar operations in Isabel, Leyte.Glencore chief executive officer Ivan Glasenberg said, “Typhoon Haiyan (more known as Yolanda) and its aftermath have had a devastating effect on the communities of the Philippines. We have a long standing relationship with the Philippines and its people. We hope that this donation will help all those involved with the relief effort in assisting local communities to recover from this catastrophic event. Our thoughts are with our employees, their families and all the communities that have been impacted by the typhoon.”ADVERTISEMENT PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities PLAY LIST 03:26PCSO to focus on improving transparency of gaming activities01:39Sotto open to discuss, listen to pros and cons of divorce bill06:02Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements01:50Palace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spike01:49House seeks probe on ‘massive corruption’ in PCSO01:37PCSO estimates P250M in Lotto revenue loss due to suspension FEATURED STORIESNEWSINFOSenate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreementsNEWSINFOLocsin wants to drop ‘visas upon arrival’ privilegeNEWSINFOPalace open to make Dengvaxia usable again as dengue cases spikeMORE STORIESnewsinfoFake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in PaterosnewsinfoAngara: Investigate DOH’s ‘constipated’ medicine distribution systemnewsinfoQuake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anewMORE STORIESnewsinfoFake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in PaterosnewsinfoAngara: Investigate DOH’s ‘constipated’ medicine distribution systemnewsinfoQuake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anew Read Next Angara: Investigate DOH’s ‘constipated’ medicine distribution system Fake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in Pateros Don’t miss out on the latest news and information. center_img Senate to probe Tolentino’s ‘novel legal theories’ on oral agreements Quake disturbs Itbayat, Batanes anew Tolentino: No more debate with Drilon on China deal BPI nets P13.74B in H1 Fake cop accosts real cops, is arrested in Pateros LATEST STORIES View commentslast_img read more

FFWPU USA On Saturday July 11 2015 the New Jer

first_imgFFWPU USA: On Saturday, July 11, 2015, the New Jersey Chapter of the Women’s Federation for World Peace (WFWP) held a historic and inspiring program on “Peace at Last – One Korea: Bridge of Peace Ceremony” at the Korean Community Center in Tenafly, New Jersey, in response to True Mother’s instruction that America should take responsibility for the unity of the Korean Peninsula. The event was attended by over 250 guests, including the Tenafly Councilman Daniel Park, District Director on behalf of Congressman Scott Garrett; Vice Consul from Turkey, Gizem Kumas; religious leaders; Korean community leaders from various organizations; media representatives (three articles were written by major Korean American News papers); and leaders from the Unification movement.Approximately, one and a half years ago, NJ Chairwoman, Rev. Denneze Nelson heard a speech by WFWP founder, Mrs. Hak Ja Han, saying, “North and South Korea need to unite and America needs to make this happen.” Rev. Nelson and her team of women began months of Hoon Dok Hwe (scripture reading) to understand the heart and vision of True Parents on the issue. Upon internalizing the deep internal meanings, the NJ women invited the Korean Evangelical Association (KEA), Universal Peace Federation (UPF) and Family Federation for World Peace and Unification (FFWPU) to collaborate on an event that would comfort the heart of Heavenly Parent and True Parents, proclaim the work of True Parents to Koreans in America, inspire Koreans in America and the American public in general to support peaceful unification, and inspire a national movement that would expedite peaceful unification. The committee planned an event that would eventually coincide with True Father’s National Seonghwa Celebration. In the last three months WFWP, KEA and FFWPU resumed those meetings and produced the wonderful event that took place on the 11th.The event was also filled with informative and thought-provoking presentations on the path to reunification. Dr. Mark Barry, Senior Advisor for UPF Office of Peace and Security Affairs, outlined True Parents’ prolific work to reunite North and South. This included personal meetings with North Korean leaders Kim Il Sung and his son, Kim Jong Il as well as various behind-the-scenes efforts which do not make newspaper headlines, but nevertheless have contributed to softening relations between North and South as well between North Korea and the United States. The spirit of the event was perfectly encapsulated by the last song of the program by Mrs. Seiko Lee, internationally renowned soprano: a South Korean folk song entitled “Geuriun Kumgansan”. Roughly translated, the title means “Yearning for Mt. Kumgang.” Mt. Kumkang is historically one of the most well-known and culturally significant mountains on the Korean Peninsula.From the entertainment to the beautiful flag ceremony, to the Bridge of Peace ceremony, one could feel the tremendous heart of support and awareness of this deep and critical issue. As Dr. Barry pointed out, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the division of the Korean peninsula, and North and South Korea are still in a state of war. However, throughout the program, one could see the tremendous possibilities for peace. Entertainment included North Korean singer Ms. Young Ah Mae, awarded beatboxer Mr. Sung Lee, a local group of Korean Youth Drummers, and Mrs. Seiko Lee who gave a beautiful rendition of several North and South Korean songs and shared some of her personal experiences performing for Kim Jong Il.During the Bridge of Peace ceremony, representatives from North Korea, South Korea, Japan, United States, Russia and China embraced across a bridge. Symbolizing the nations which contributed to the division of Korea, the pairs demonstrated a commitment to going beyond past differences between these countries and to making unification a reality. As WFWP NJ chairwoman Denneze Nelson succinctly proclaimed: “Korea must unite peacefully!” According to True Father, WFWP co-founder, who has spoken extensively on reunification, unity will come about not by military or by force, but through true love: “There need to be South Koreans who love North Korea with a love greater than any South Korean for South Korea. Also, there need to be North Koreans who love South Korea with a greater love than any North Korean has for North Korea. There is no alternative, no solution other than this.”WFWP USA President Angelika Selle highlighted the experience of reunification between East and West Germany as an example of making the impossible possible. Many seriously doubted that reunification was feasible, but because of those who refused to give up hope, that day of celebration and joy in which the Berlin Wall finally came down was finally realized. The hope for WFWP NJ is to enthuse other state chapters to host their own versions of this event that proclaims True Parents as the ones who internally and externally established movements for the unity of North and South Korea. The next step for WFWP NJ is a signature campaign for unification in collaboration with some of the organizations in attendance.last_img read more

JP YimGetty Images

first_imgJP Yim/Getty Images As fans patiently await the announcement of Fedor Emelianenko’s next fight, rumors continue to spread like wildfire about the Russian heavyweight’s potential opponent. In fact, some Russian reports had Fedor in negotiations to meet former UFC champion Brock Lesnar.While the reports were never rooted in reality, Rizin CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara denied the rumors to journalists.”This is the first time that I’ve heard about such conversations,” Sakakibara said. “Rumors about the fight between Fedor and Lesnar did not come from our negotiations. We do not conduct such negotiations. However, if such a fight took place, I would have personally looked at it with great interest.”The bout would likely have never come to fruition given Lesnar’s exclusive contract with the WWE. According to Rizin, the promotion is currently in the process of negotiating a fight for Emelianenko. The Russian is expected to compete at a Rizin event in June or August 2016. UFC on ESPN: Covington vs. Lawler fight card Gordon Ryan Competition Kit Greatest Highlights of Anderson Silva’s Career Which is More Dangerous – MMA or Football? Sale Timeline of Israel Adesanya’s Rapid Rise to UFC Contender Conor lashes out at Herb Dean, says Khabib was ‘riddled in panic’ during bus attack Latest From MMA Warehouse UFC 240: Fights to make Apparel More From Bloody Elbow More: Nightmare Matchup for UFC’s Biggest Starscenter_img Gloves White on Nunes-Cris rematch: ‘That’s the fight I want to make’ Top Contenders for Fight of the Year Latest From Our Partners Good Night Tee ProMax 440 BJJ GI Accessories Standard Ranked Rashguard Lockdown duffle bag Brock Lesnar’s WWE Future After UFC Retirement Standard BJJ Gi White: McGregor didn’t like my comments about Masvidal being ‘too big’ for him King Ryan Longsleeve Shirt Robert Whittaker hails ‘Wonderboy’ the best ‘outside fighter’ in MMAlast_img read more

Barbara Lynch Tom Brady and More on Time 100

first_img Sign up for The Feed. The latest on the city’s restaurants scene.* Barbara Lynch, Tom Brady, and More on Time 100 Notable Bostonians land among Pioneers, Leaders, and Titans on the influential list. Print 000 4/20/2017, 10:02 a.m. center_img By Jacqueline Cain· Devoted foodies and restaurant newbies love The Feed. Sign-up now for our twice weekly newsletter. Barbara Lynch photo by Michael Prince providedThe annual list of Time magazine’s most influential people in the world is out today, and a per usual, it includes a handful of notable locals. Southie-born chef Barbara Lynch is the only culinarian to make the cut; she shares the spotlight with Tom Brady, Elizabeth Warren, Theo Epstein, and Harvard and MIT professor George Church, among other internationals luminaries.Lynch, whose by-the-boostraps story of growing up in the South Boston projects is well-known (if not always well-phrased), is honored by Top Chef host Padma Lakshmi. “Barbara grew up in one of the poorest neighborhoods in Boston, and decided to enter one of the most male-dominated fields in the world… She creates opportunities for herself, even when it seems like they do not exist,” Lakshmi writes. The chef is also a mentor, notably to young women, like Top Chef Season 10 winner Kristen Kish.“She is a great teacher and a true provider—not just of glorious foods but of different spaces for people to flourish and grow in,” Lakshmi says.Lynch calls the honor “humbling and gratifying.”“I have truly experienced the American dream in building a company from the ground up that creates opportunities for passionate people devoted to the dining experience, where I can inspire, educate and contribute to my community. To be recognized for the hard work that went into achieving that dream is both humbling and gratifying,” Lynch says in a statement.The James Beard Award-winning chef just released her first memoir, Out of Line; she’s taking on consulting projects, like Il Pesce at Eataly, in addition to the seven restaurants under the Barbara Lynch Gruppo umbrella; and she recently announced plans to transfer her company to her employees so she can develop new projects, including a women’s bank.In his essay about Tom Brady, Brookline native Conan O’Brien says the Patriots quarterback “simply refused to be less than the best ever. With a monastic diet, intense training and a relentless, inspiring positivity, Tom built himself from the ground up.”Geneticist George Church developed the methods for the first-ever genome sequence, and is one of the developers of a revolutionary gene editing tool called CRISPR.“[T]o me, George seems… like a cross between Darwin and Santa,” writes Stephen Colbert. “Through planned evolution, using gene-editing tools like CRISPR, he offers humanity a bag of powerful potential gifts: the return of extinct species, biological synthetic fuels, data storage of unprecedented density, mapping the brain, the treatment of infectious and congenital disease, and the reversal of aging.”U.S. Senator Kamala Harris writes of Elizabeth Warren, “In these tough times, [she] persists. And America’s hardworking families are lucky that she does.”And Time had a Cubs fan reflect on Brookline native and Red Sox savior Theo Epstein.“His vision helped end historic World Series droughts in both Chicago and Boston,” writes actor John Cusak. “[B]ut he recognizes that he’s also just another flawed human being, no better than anyone else. It’s an artful thing to thread that needle and wear it as a matter of common sense.”Find the rest of the list—including profiles of Chance the Rapper, Ivanka Trump, and more—online now, and in the May issue of Time magazine.last_img read more

On the Market A CastleLike Construction in Brookline

first_img 205 Sign up for Home & Property newsletters. Design, real estate, and pretty things for living.* Sign up for our weekly home and property newsletter, featuring homes for sale, neighborhood happenings, and more. 1/15/2019, 9:46 a.m. Print Photo via Compass120 Rawson Road, BrooklinePrice: $6,250,000Size: 6,313 square feetBedrooms: 4Baths: 3.5Perched high and mighty atop Aspinwall Hill, this former carriage house for sale in Brookline could double as a castle. The Shingle-style abode was built in 1889 by architects Hartwell and Richardson, and was originally a barn for a residence called the Otis Shepard House.Today, the place is steeped in contemporary flair. A set of double doors built to allow horse carriages to pass through it opens to a spacious, airy interior. Modern touches grace the home’s more than 6,000 square feet, including creative light fixtures, mahogany accents, and skylight windows. They strike a balance with the home’s antique features, like its turret, cathedral ceilings, and exposed beams. For Sale/Rent On the Market: A Castle-Like Construction in Brookline The Shingle-style carriage house was built in 1889. By Madeline Bilis· For information, contact Tracy Clark, Compass, via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassPhoto via CompassThe Boston Home team has curated a list of the best home design and home remodeling professionals in Boston, including architects, builders, kitchen and bath experts, lighting designers, and more. Get the help you need with FindIt/Boston’s guide to home renovation pros.last_img read more