Discussion on the direction of Mo Xiang Mega novice learning Shanghai Dragon

second: the actual combat experience is a novice to learn a shortcut to

as a webmaster or some technical webmaster can build their own blogs, the author is marketing, in this respect also the construction of corresponding blog, experience and learning summary to share, so it is recommended to the novice webmaster blog learning experience, this is more worth the novice to learn some of the more than an empty theory, now pay attention to the real thing, theoretical knowledge driven some things in front of the public, we can refer to the implementation of the actual combat experience, learn from the experience of others, so as to enrich their horizons, learn more things, and then step by step to do this well, we blindly in the webmaster nets or other forums around the four, access to a variety of information is much better, at least in this relatively simple and practical Experience in the article, we can find a direction, one said, Chinese has one billion and three hundred million, while only a few search engines.

to take a look at what is called Shanghai Dragon: Shanghai Dragon (Search Engine Optimization), a Chinese version of search engine optimization, network marketing is more popular in recent years, the main purpose is to increase the exposure of specific keywords to increase website visibility, thereby increasing sales opportunities.


Shanghai Dragon What are the types of dragon

: the first Shanghai dragon sea, please choose your own ship

is just entering the Internet shortly after 90 guy, is now studying in Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, but for so many online forums, personal website, Shanghai dragon and so on, we certainly do not know what should choose, this is also the author experienced things, often heard that how, then how to do that, so in the webmaster sector has been used for several years by means of truly successful, TA would not have out to teach others how to do that, a person to do a project, even dead, why so many top training the word out propaganda yourself, this needs us novice in their own right, relatively speaking, to make the comparison for a long time people have some experience in other words, learn some basic knowledge, new building On the choice of a person to learn, because everyone is not the same, of course, everything is the search engine, we should be in the.

Shanghai: divided into the station and Shanghai station Shanghai two dragon dragon. Main work of Shanghai dragon is through understanding how the various search engines crawl the Internet page, how and how to determine the index for a particular keyword search results ranking technology, to the optimization of the relevant web pages, to improve search engine rankings, so as to improve site traffic, improve the ability of sales promotion or website final technology. After the long encyclopedia introduction, today to listen to a novice to learn Shanghai dragon direction.


How can the misunderstanding of Shanghai dragon out of paranoia paranoid

why many of today’s Shanghai Longfeng personnel have a look down on people’s thinking, in addition to some technical personnel itself, there is a part of the whole industry are the pride with the wrong direction, strictly speaking: Shanghai dragon is a paid service, is working, why look down on others? So in site optimization in the future of a Shanghai Longfeng personnel must keep a low profile, himself as a grassroots or a basic level of service personnel, to this point I believe Shanghai.

former Shanghai Longfeng daily life is in writing and pass, can be said that basically is not learning, because the search engine algorithm is relatively fixed, and now the Shanghai dragon? If it is limited in writing and hair, then the whole site is facing death situation, is not possible the effective remediation situation, only through learning can make our optimization technique change. 1 is the latest information to learn to love Shanghai engine open, new requirements to the current search engine to learn these messages to let Shanghai Longfeng personnel fully understand, to help optimize the site; the 2 is to analyze the algorithm of Google search engine, you don’t look down upon the Google search engine, although Google withdrew from the China market. But the advanced technology is worth learning the Shanghai dragon.

Error error optimization and localization of

website is the biggest obstacle to Shanghai dragon optimization personnel, many Shanghai Longfeng personnel in the optimization of the website are not able to have a good position and out of the wrong decision, first performed a series of shows such as Shanghai prepares to release before love pomegranate algorithm, but a part of the Shanghai dragon staff do not believe, still according to the original method of constructing the website content website content, can be said that it is because of this arrogant mentality let website step by step into the abyss, Shanghai dragon friends wake up, only to know their wrongdoing can make our website gradually out of misunderstanding.

sees himself as a grassroots grassroots staff or

learning knowledge than the daily post to

would love Shanghai for most of the web search engines have mercy, but part of the Shanghai Phoenix staff as it is bound to affect the development of this part of the website, love Shanghai open after the first is Scindapsus algorithm Ali micro this site, making the site with heavy losses, and this is its ending, so paranoid to Shanghai dragon to out of paranoia misunderstanding?

optimization of misconduct was out of misunderstanding of core

is now a large part of the Shanghai dragon have already started the transition, the transition from the previous arrogant attitude is now learning, learn the transition from the previous passive into active acquisition, but also part of the Shanghai Phoenix staff is still very paranoid, they take measures to optimize the time still persist in the net station, it is because of its so many websites are facing the edge of the K.