Tokgo with wind teach you choose the Shanghai dragon service company

(3) to ask in the forum. If you cannot find a way through the normal website optimization services, you can select the message through the forum by the way of screening. Of course not all messages are honest. So you need to comprehensive analysis, but for the choice of who is really a reference direction.

(6) of their own website PR value check if their own site optimization PR are not up to more than 4, so they can choose to give up.

(9) to see whether they are before the use of black hat Shanghai Dragon technology should learn the black hat Shanghai Longfeng knowledge, whether they use the black hat Shanghai Longfeng technical judgment, if this were found in the search engine, is also regarded as cheating processing.

(5) asked they do website optimization examples of customer satisfaction is the best choice to investigate a company’s optimization. Can ask them to optimize the customer company name for investigation. If rejected, then it is possible to protect customers’ privacy, there may be no examples of customers. The need to choose those who make the right judgment.


(8) to see whether they use automatic submission if they use automatic submission, please stay away from them. This way will be automatically submit search engine cheating processing.

for rookie independent to optimize your web site, you will find that no matter how hard always couldn’t see its rankings or is spent all your time and effort to optimize the website to get good rankings. If this is the case, you choose the best website optimization services company has the strength to work for you. Outside many web site optimization services company, you can not blindly choose their. How can we find a suitable for your website optimization services company

(7) to check their site ranking keywords if they choose their website keywords are not a good ranking, you can only say that they are fake.

If you choose

(4) search the company name if the company is public, so you can search from the Internet to a lot of positive information about the company. If it is a Swindlers Company, still can search relevant negative information on the internet. So to make good use of the search engine.

(2) from friends and business partners can be recommended. Word of mouth is very important for a company’s reputation.

(10) chain to see where they get the chain is as everyone knows, of great help for the ranking of a website. If they do.

(1) ranked first in their commitment? If they promise ranked first, then you ought to suspect them. In Google optimization guide said, no one can guarantee that it can continue to rank first. This is a good reminder for the website optimization services company first choice.

How to increase the site outside the chain

set up a blog

increase the soft outside chain methods known, this method by many webmaster emphasized repeatedly, can say soft Wen is a method to add the chain the fastest and most effective, the advantages of soft Wen is not easy to be deleted, but it can be joined to promote their products. Like A5, Chinaz such a web site, is a very good soft release platform. And the other soft weakness is: because the chain by reprint, the similarity is almost 100%. So when we love Shanghai domain: website domain name, the results seem a lot, but most are not display, it will affect the love of Shanghai site weight judgment to a certain extent.

three, Shanghai

know loveWe all know that

love Shanghai’s own products have the advantage in the rankings, the Shanghai Encyclopedia of love weight is the highest, love Shanghai know the answer also can bring a lot of traffic. You can choose your own website and relevant questions to answer, and then add their own links, or emphasize the effect, the problem of high quality can bring the same high click rate, click rate is high, ranking will naturally follow up.

adding Links, and not the more the better, the higher the quality is good, high weight links can put your weight increase, so, learn to look for their favorable Links.

this method can steadily increase the chain, but the effect is relatively slow, there must be patience blogging every day, but the weight of blog is low, the snapshot will be relatively more slowly. You can choose several fixed blog, regularly updated, long time inevitable will work.

! A soft,

five, Links

forum chain needless to say, every webmaster will. The forum is a quick way of adding outside chain, published a high quality thread can quickly gather popularity, love Shanghai snapshot faster than you can imagine, you can choose A5, Chinaz as the high weight of the forum, the chain will increase very soon. The chain in such a way, the fat content of free combination, unlike the soft outside the chain is relatively simple. This website chain widely degree there is no problem. But for the quality of the chain, you can filter out the sort of similar sites, first visit PR high, a new snapshot, included more web site, so the effect will be very significant.



two, the chain

by go9go6 Links platform (贵族宝贝go9go6贵族宝贝), please indicate the source, thank you

Optimize website landing page need to pay attention to what


2, the game website landing page: One Piece

5, using the call of language.

2, concise and simple, involves more steps the conversion rate will be lower, such as some key five seconds to complete the registration, registration and so on.

Some of the issues for

6, according to the analysis of the user login landing page, the nobility had a baby 400 thousand hits in the test a few years ago, found that users open a page is the focus of a type F, so this should be the important information inside and be able to quickly grasp the user to turn.

4, the information should be clear, prominent features, outstanding outstanding sales channels, channel advantages and so on.

short, landing page optimization in addition to several points mentioned above, more still to be found in practice, the study site positioning user behavior, to improve the design of the landing page constantly, so in order to get the best results. This article from Zhang Donglong’s personal blog 贵族宝贝zhangdonglong贵族宝贝/archives/373, reproduced must be supported.


is more than two more often use the landing page from this type of site, we can see a common point, that is simple, and it is as long as the registration page, enter the mailbox password, simply complete the registration. Because more steps will be transformed, is relatively less.

1, the third party is now back platform landing page – the return of net

landing page refers to the user through advertising, or the first search engine ranking website page access time. Authoritative data show that users access to a page in the 8s to decide whether he will accept this website, or opt out, thus, the landing page as the first page is how important. The user is by clicking on ads or search keywords through search engines came in, so it was SEM and creative and Shanghai dragon selection optimization keywords and keyword ranking on the.

landing page optimization key:

then look at several common website landing page:

3 professional, page layout, vision is obviously different from other pages, the overall style should be unified with the theme of the website.

1, ensure that the landing page can be opened quickly, if not open for a long time, it will inevitably cause the bounce rate higher than a mile.

Now consider what we want to do website optimization and cost optimization

With the rapid development of the Internet website

many webmaster think so as long as the site to enter the home page can Everfount get a lot of free love Shanghai precise flow, before 2010 it is very objective optimization because the competition is very small, as long as the line on the website after the release of some content slightly do some outside the chain may rank will go up soon, but if it has shrunk now, you don’t know the love of Shanghai is upgrading its own algorithm we know the algorithm, Scindapsus has be too numerous to enumerate, Mars, pomegranate algorithm, love Shanghai white paper on the quality of various algorithms let love the sea to the webmaster tortured half alive, under the high pressure policy, Shanghai Er competition becomes more and more fierce dragon. Although after the site do the home page, we can get a lot of free traffic to get accurate, but we pay in the optimization process of manpower cost, time cost and other related resources integration cost, you now have the nerve to say your traffic is free? Your site optimization is very easily up to do it.


first, the rising cost of website optimization.

as everyone knows, the optimization has become increasingly intense. In this case, as a webmaster optimization difficulty is increasing, we as a webmaster how to do the work of their own website optimization, a new station on the line we have to optimize the planning and thinking the site through investment and the reporting period as price. What should we consider the optimization of the webmaster

third, experience will have unreliable.

second, Shanghai dragon accurate flow is brought about by the need to pay the price.

said the optimization experience we should be divided into two periods are analyzed and discussed, it can be said on the two day the website optimization content is king, the chain for the emperor before 2012, when we’re just a little for the web site after online update some of the content, and then to the hair of the chain, the chain of hair hand cramps, artificial suck our machine group, so save much of it, is also very easy to Links operation as long as the money, buy the chain! Can be said that at that time.

we know that the optimization before 2010 is very easy with the website, after the 2010 Ali Alliance launched Amoy, a lot of people pouring into Shanghai and Phoenix lead industry, competition is becoming increasingly fierce, love Shanghai algorithm is constantly updated and upgraded, led to the current web site optimization of all aspects of the cost is rising, more and more companies see the trend of e-commerce, the upsurge of network marketing in a wave hit, promote Shanghai dragon to learn to use the product, is a way of Internet marketing choice of many small and medium enterprises is very important. That we must face our problems is to optimize the cost, in order to promote optimization work, enterprises must pay more effort and expense. Now the Shanghai dragon we need to put more manpower, time, and these things are now Shanghai Longfeng most directly reflects the increased cost optimization.

How to do URL optimization

search engine is a program on the Internet website and grab the identification standard is: the only path. We want to put the site the weight of it on the way to let us each a little weight together. Path optimization is the site path through the centralization of power, weight is concentrated in a main path to obtain a better search engine points.


How to set the weight concentration of In fact, for the

dynamic path, our common expression is often contain "path address?", or "=" also contains the question mark and sign. This path actually contains a parameter of content delivery means.

we know only path search engines crawl, so the search engines, more or less a path in the letters, numbers, symbols, is a new path. For a number of different paths to the same page, we want to set a path of standardization, focus on a path to reach the purpose of weight. Reflected mainly through two kinds of forms: 1, site 301 redirect. 2, index.html, index.php and forum.php to remove the tail.


static path

1, 301 > redirect website

pseudo static path: pseudo static is a kind of technology to dynamic path into static path, pseudo static path is essentially static path. For example: 贵族宝贝& & &贵族宝贝/index.php/post/54.html

For example:

3, pseudo static path

said the path, we will be talking about the current path of the three forms:

dynamic path

贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/catalog.asp cate=4 is a dynamic path?.

search engine, dynamic routing and static path capture is actually no difference. Unless the number of parameters of the dynamic path of more than three, there will be lost in the parameters of spider crawled, caused by the failure of the web pages. In most cases, the dynamic and static path path alike for search engines. In addition, a website only allowed to set a path, or is a dynamic path, either static path. Not allowed to appear at the same time two path connection. If there are second kinds of connection must be blocked, can be screened out by robots files.

static path: general level are relatively clear, for example, will have a relatively clear Pinyin directory. Link level 贵族宝贝admin5贵族宝贝/article/20150707/608460.shtml that is clear, and it does not contain parameters, when spiders crawl will be relatively better.

To talk about the role of Shanghai dragon chain optimization

not long ago, Shanghai love algorithm adjustment again, in addition to crack down on waste station, abandon excessive optimization ", more users to increase the effect of residence time on the degree of weight. For some small and medium-sized webmaster, improve the content of quality degree, fit the user experience, the formation of good drainage has become the future development of Shanghai love optimization.

news chain relying on news column plate, leaving a chain in such a place, can be said to be in the area of gold buried under a kedge. The amount of reading news, spread, page weight is generally small site difficult to match, so the news chain has become an important method for many owners to publish the quality of the chain. Especially after the recent Shanghai love algorithm adjustment, for some video spider chain to control more stringent, and the news chain remaining contribution is larger, can be.

in Shanghai Longfeng optimization method, the chain has been regarded as one of the best and most stable operation of Shanghai Longfeng effect, industry and even the "inner chain is king, the chain for the emperor", enough to see the chain for the optimization of the proportion of love Shanghai. Early Shanghai dragon optimization, mostly rely on stop outside the chain to meet the exposure. Leave the chain links to their web pages in different sites, so love Shanghai engine in web crawling, are more likely to record to the original page links, not only has a great impact on the collection, also let love Shanghai more friendly to the original page. Common Links is a very effective method to release the chain. The long chain, for the contribution of the original web page. In a very long period of time, in order to quickly raise the weight of web pages and keywords are ranking, have to rely on a large number of the chain to meet the demand, and even a special exchange chain "chain farm", become the optimization method of Shanghai Longfeng entry-level.

in 2015, the love of Shanghai is still firmly occupy the dominant search engine position, and for the love of Shanghai keywords optimization is still a priority among priorities of each big website, Shanghai dragon brand layout optimization. In many methods improve the weight of the chain to the webmaster stability has been favored, especially the news anchor text of the chain, the optimization effect is better, has become a new way of keyword optimization.  

and adjusted for the love of Shanghai, within the limits of the chain and the chain is more and more strict, a large number of video chain is love Shanghai abandoned, instead of the high quality, high correlation, user experience good outside the chain is more popular, of course, outside the chain of the class is the most difficult to find. A senior Shanghai Dragon said, optimization is now more difficult to do, just a few years ago released a large number of the chain can enhance web weight in a short period of time, many places are provided outside the chain of free release. But after adjustment for this algorithm to love Shanghai, the chain of garbage were shielded, many outside the chain have been ineffective. But retained in quality on the site of a chain is more difficult. In this trend, the news chain chain has become the best way to optimize the key words.

Love Shanghai pomegranate algorithm which sites will suffer how to deal with

criterion is the most important: containing bad advertisements interfere with the user’s normal browsing the pages, especially to confuse the pop up a large number of low quality pop ads, the main content of the page page is spam. What types of Web sites have been the new algorithm against? There is no doubt that the novel type is the first, why? This is me as a user point of view, because I’m a novel fan, at present most of the novel website, basically be to kill, because it is too focused on user experience the. You said, when you enter this website a lot of advertising, it is also able to accept, but the most evil is when you click on a novel to see, it is actually the first pop up a new window, but the window is advertising, you said you will not be offensive, but the pit is some sites I want three clicks to really enter into sections and chapters about the page, also hanging advertising, seriously affect the reading, even if a person’s tolerance to maniang co.. Unless of course, the Internet only this novel station has the resources, may also be a little audience! Otherwise, this type of website is to kill

A5 registration discount: 2013 GOMX global network marketing conference




love Shanghai algorithm has added a new category of pomegranate algorithm is mainly used for low quality summary page, enhance the user experience.

love Shanghai algorithm will change with the change of time and the number of users, but as long as we do to grasp the most fundamental point is: don’t worry too much about the user experience and user needs to click.

! Related reading: We can see that the

here, I also understand this novel station mainly included is the main source of these ads, but to develop for a long time you must consider the user experience, and reading novels, many users don’t need your advertisement hanging next to you! In addition there is also a novel station of advice, even if you are hanging advertising, do not increase when you click the section to enter, you can hang in the pages of the first screen, equivalent to our website or to prevent the wheel ginto as for the page font advertisement in, and these ads are for the subsequent user needs! This is the pomegranate algorithm launch with novels of station

and others such as forum, personal blog site, information websites and so on, and the medical site also need to pay attention to, but also because some of these popups, although your intention is for the user, but the actual user is not love this

The virtual host site migration method

use FTP to migrate to the new virtual host on the manual to confirm whether the site can normal visit, the general virtual host will provide a free three level domain name, to test migration from the site in the three domain. If the test no problem began from the new domain name resolution.

moved to play the amount in advance, the original web content stored for at least 7 days or more, without updating the station, ensure that search engines use the original IP address can still access to content, because many search engines will cache DNS, if you go to the original site to delete all data at the time, may be a lot of 404 the error page, after the search engine cache DNS update, you can delete all the original virtual space. "

five: A

in general, choose during the early hours of the morning is the best time migration site. But it is not realistic for people like me not to stay up late, so up early to replace the most appropriate space, such as 7 in the morning. 2-5 PM and 8-11 PM is the peak of the Internet, is the most visited website, see your statistics clear.

domain name: member login, domain name management, click on the need to set up the new analytical domain name address, domain name service, that is, to modify the domain name A. In the domain control panel and quickly on the site after the resolution in the control panel to set the new domain name, usually two hours you can successfully access the new virtual host.

six: please retain the original site for at least 7 days more than

two: access time migration of

as a webmaster, is actually a group of vulnerable groups, when we pay, what is what IDC said, the basic personal is incapable of action. Then, the replacement of the virtual host, has become the most common problem among webmasters and bloggers. Today Lou song song will introduce some same domain site from one host to another host migration techniques, in order to avoid the site unnecessary losses caused by migration.

analysis of domain name recordThe setting method of The most important

: the replacement of the virtual host preparation – check

four: pay attention to retain the original virtual hosting site

virtual host can not be replaced, you should first check and replace the virtual host IP is safe, is search engine shield, above if there are other illegal websites, do not go without safety on host IP transfer website.

three: to the site to do the backup

database backup and upload folder, be sure to backup. If you don’t know the directory structure of web application, can spend more time on the backup station. Lu Songsong usually do backup is to download the several important directory to my computer. At the same time to the site to do the backup can be a variety of services, such as web site reviews, close the message function.

less in the website

I love the mule how to optimize the project page


we can see that good rankings are often linked with special pages related to the contents of a large number of pages, why? It says, thematic pages are all content around a theme are everything, the only way to meet the needs of users, and links to related page number, the correlation is better. Note that the correlation between the content page, what kind of content is the most correlated with those who love Shanghai? Query keyword tool can check out a basket.

Sina "Gerrard"


The related content of

two, the more the better

this is a very important point, but it has been ignored by many people, on the same page links the content page, content page must link back to the topic page, this has two advantages, one can strengthen the correlation, and can transfer the weight better.



, write a topic about the introduction of

page links

three, pictures, video, can have on

is about a topic, then a brief introduction depending on is essential, the college title page we can see such a profile, or a long or short, can let users do not know about this topic first mentioned things have a certain understanding, we look at the cattle station not do.



in order to meet the needs of users, we must try to expand the thematic pages, so as far as possible to meet most of the needs of users, such as pictures, video and so on, can it all, you can see the portal page, which is not god horse are piling up. In fact, we can put the topic page as a search engine search results page, for example, we search for "Beckham" when in Shanghai, will Beckham introduction, Post Bar, pictures, video, news and so on all about Beckham, and our special page can like this to set the content to look at sina, "Beckham" the topic is not so.

four, all links to the content page back chain


BB cream

Shanghai dragon brother know, love love Shanghai very special, special page is all about a subject. The essence of it, like TAGS, just operate more humane than TAGS, generally speaking, the topic page user experience is good, are all the content on the topic a theme of all of the needs of users, the vast majority of content can be found in the project, so how to optimize the project page? How to make the project page ranking the blossom of sesame

On the chain effect of the ten best blogs

compared to the NetEase, the international first-class mail is good. Why blog visibility poor, if sina is not a dry fertilizer, Sohu is difficult to survive with food, then the NetEase is not food and keep not to live, according to Xiao Bian nearly a year to combat, NetEase is raising a dead one type of change during a variety of methods, unless you do not expect it to do outside the chain to bring traffic, joking, it also raises what it. Finally had to give up on this battlefield,

Two former

is famous Tianya forum, one of the best domestic, but the blog is relatively.

needless to say this, more than 800000000 QQ users, basically everyone has a QQ space, entertaining, in the lower people’s love, kill Matt noble of heaven, but who do not intend to use this stuff to do rankings, search engine is not included is very positive, so QQ space let it kill Matt’s paradise.

, a sina

three, NetEase

four, Tencent

two, Sohu

Sina blog popularity is very high, sina is also the first choice of celebrity blog, Sina blog is relatively easy to use, but also the top effect, is very conducive to the chain of publicity. Just a small years of observation and statistical summary: Sina blog home page included fast, but the inside pages are not easy to be included, even if it is difficult to be included in the search engine rankings, even if the same type of long tail words, basically do not see its signs. Even with the most sophisticated articles to raise, always light to eat long dart, so it is very easy to have lost confidence in it. If it is the case, to six points, barely passing.

blog is a personal homepage, the Internet is also written diary thoughts, where an enterprise wants to show themselves, in addition to their master, the blog is undoubtedly the second battlefield. A good blog can bring a lot of traffic to your site. Attached to each big blog high weight website, advantage is simple, easy to use, good and popular search engines faster, if you can use the blog to the long tail word ready, believe that the traffic is very considerable.

and sina is a large portal under the blog, but also have a basic characteristic of sina, but Sina is different from the Sohu, Sohu blog threshold should be higher than Sina, new special difficult to raise, and two months ago is Xinbo do not expect to be included, but if you can successfully through the growth period, which included the effect is good, unlike Sina’s generosity, dry raising fertilizer. Xiao Bian had successfully raised to the Sohu blog home page, the flow is very considerable.

small after a year of experience, for our webmaster comrades talk about characteristics of small experience of their own this year to keep the blog and blog and included effect. Listen to the statements of a school, Xiao Bian carefully to. Said the first four portals blog: Sina, Sohu, NetEase, Tencent.

Five, the