The relationship between the site types and Strategies of Shanghai Dragon

forum type website profit point is the user registration number and the number of users online at the same time, according to the registration number, allows registered users to help you promote, and allow more people to register your forum. So how to operate? When a user registered in your forum, he will get a link address, he for example through this link address how many people are invited to the forum registration, his account can only be activated. Of course, this premise is that you >


2. type of e-commerce website

this type of website and blog sites are completely different, because it is itself the product sales, profit can be directly. So this type of website is focused on the flow and conversion rate, conversion rate and PV, higher PV conversion rate as high. How to improve the site traffic? This can use the Shanghai dragon or the method SNS community promotion, let more people know your site, to enter into your site. The conversion rate depends on the long tail word, though the long tail word search rarely, but because of the longer the word search, which can be inferred from the word search users targeted relatively strong, such as the word cheap kobe bryant search Jersey user, then his intention is to want to buy Kobe’s shirt, so the long tail word long tail word expansion of the site and the reasonable layout of the site can improve the site conversion rate.

when the Shanghai dragon data today, see a small section, called the target site Shanghai Longfeng strategy. This small section is to speak for different types of sites, should adopt different optimization strategies, so today I will come and Discussion on this topic. Today’s Internet site of the large variety of types, such as: personal blog type, e-commerce forum type, type, social type and so on, there are various types of Web sites have different meaning. But all sites have a final purpose, that is profitable, said the popular point is to make money. So for these different sites, we used the Shanghai dragon strategy is also different, below I to analyze.


: optimization of gravity flowThe 1. types of

optimization focus: user registration number + number of simultaneous online

3. types of

blog belongs to information sharing type of website, the blogger put some of his own experience and skills in a blog for sharing. So this type of site profit point can be a profitable advertising, since rely on advertising revenue, website traffic is the key, how to improve the site traffic? The method can be used together several, such as the Shanghai dragon + +QQ+QQ group mail. As an example of Lu Songsong’s blog is the profitability of this type, at the beginning of his blog and hanging on the right are advertising.

: optimization of gravity flow + conversion rate of

Website content description let the red creative to improve marketing effectiveness

in the META meta tags in all sites, title and site keywords set due to the question of the website ranking, are more likely to pay attention to. While similar website copyright, author and website content description is neglected. The reason is very simple, when the user login the website content description is not directly see, but the search engine has repeatedly said that the website content description is just a summary of the site as a whole, not as a basis for determining the site quality and weight. But the fact is really the case? I’m afraid not, I think, website content description is the central idea of a website, not only affects the site weight, also affect the effect of the user experience and network marketing.

network marketing effect by what decide? The first is the user experience of the website, the second is the site’s search engine cognition. So, the content of the website description to take care of these two points, you will get good marketing effect. Of course, by the description of web content caused by the marketing effect is far more than this, in the search engine promotion, the concept of a creative achievement. When users search keywords, description of the corresponding words trigger content displayed in red. As everyone knows the content of the website description >

two, website content description affect the user experience of

as long as the lookout, we will find a lot of the site itself is a separate written description of the content, but the search engine is not adopted, but the self on the site to grab a piece of text as a whole page description. What does that mean? At least you can be sure of a search engine, web content description of the attitude is not not essential. So when we describe in the writing of the content of the website, must not be free to, and should be treated with caution. The content of the website description should be accurate description of the current page, the content of the website more accurate description of the natural and convenient search engine. On the contrary, if the web page content description and many sites are far from the actual content, or content of the website description blank let search engine to extract. Then at least it can be said, it is not friendly to the search engine, will certainly affect the site weight to a certain extent.

three, website content to describe the influence of marketing effect

if the website content description is crucial to the search engine, so it is more important to the user. Because the site is to give users see, although from the site to see the content of the website, but it can be retrieved from search engines. When users enter a keyword ranking, not much difference between cases, which description wrote innovative and perfect summary of website content description, more of a natural attraction. On the contrary, although some web content description is very good, but the theme of the site is not far, will affect the user experience? The answer is yes, so that web content description written in accurate generalization of website content at the same time, also must take into account the user’s experience and experience.

, a website describing the influence of website weight

Analysis on how to effectively use the love Shanghai update out of the sandbox whirlpool

              two: the chain is too hot

server: a factor

              the increase is the chain website development must, but also to search engine recognition site means. So many times to increase when new sites in the site outside the chain too anxious, anxious to take dozens of friends all make up the chain to increase the weight of the site. But the search engine that will, in such a short period of time to increase the chain so much is certainly not normal, the final result only pulled into the sandbox to observe the situation, this is also the most likely to fall into the new main factors like Shanghai sandbox.

              on the Google sandbox Shanghai dragon Er all know, but love may not understand Shanghai sandbox. In fact, that is the sandbox is not very accurate, love is also the Shanghai sandbox to the railway station, an assessment period, the current situation of the assessment period of 20 days. In general, a new station after being collected, in good circumstances two days didn’t snapshot, or ranking is greatly reduced, so in general it means love Shanghai fell into the sandbox. How to escape from the Shanghai railway station, love the sandbox, probably because of lack of experience of novice webmaster and do not know about the analysis of binary solution here. First we start from the reason why, new sites will be involved in the sandbox then gets the corresponding solution.

                  the server is not stable in the construction site in the process is very common in Chinese factors, 90% of the owners are using virtual host to run the site, a server less there are dozens of virtual machines, more than one hundred or two hundred existing. This resulted in generating such problems, a website all suffered attack web server. Or a large collection of resources lead to bandwidth, CPU not use, are caused by the server and some common problems. So to find a stable server, to ensure the stable operation of the website can avoid falling into the sandbox in the new server factors. By the way we mention, for independent IP website search engine to give the attention will be higher, after all, few people take it at the garbage station independent of the IP.

              three: website frequently

Discussion on Shanghai dragon art review


is very important, but not enough to decide the search engine to determine the content of a web page. When it comes to "Shanghai Dragon Art" in a Book: "navigation on a page is generally not unique, so it can’t help the search engine to determine the unique content." In the words of Wang Shifan, it is because the navigation links are common in many web pages, so the search engine and then decide the content of the page is not taken into account.

love Shanghai Encyclopedia of Shanghai dragon, Wang Shifan that is too general. Should from two aspects: one is the definition of Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon from the professional point of view, the Shanghai dragon professional personnel; the other is from the customer’s perspective for Shanghai dragon, Shanghai dragon customer groups.

1. from Shanghai Longfeng perspective, how to define the meaning of Shanghai dragon

3. Keywords tag, description tag

mentioned two points, we should learn and absorb the Shanghai dragon. First, the relevance of the link. This gave me the inspiration as a webmaster and Shanghai dragon forum only as simple keywords and attract crawling our website, improve website ranking function is more and more small. Second, extensive anchor text. The same anchor text, a thousand words, the website.


in the description on the label, not on the search engine, but it also has a role in the body, it can be obtained from a section click on the search results list, so the relative value.

2. in the search engine judgment or definition of website content, navigation links

Wang Shifan believes that in China, many workers will be Shanghai dragon in writing the three labels, but also seriously one by one to fill in. In fact, with the passage of time, the three major label status change. We use keywords to spend time studying out only need to add to the site need not fill in the title, Keywords tag, label position gradually because of the keyword search engine down.


team decided to the Dragon Boat Festival collective rest three days, so Wang Shifan decided to buy the book a trip back home. A few days earlier on Taobao bought the "Shanghai Dragon Art", in the home on the train is turned over, draw several key parts, and then go home repeatedly read focus, carefully try to figure out. Now think of this part of Wang Shifan thinks the essence and key place to share to you, if you have any questions, but also hope.

How to handle ?The book is on the

"Shanghai Dragon Art" a book from the perspective of professional definition of Shanghai dragon Shanghai Dragon: "Shanghai dragon is the influence of relevance of query results and process of." See this sentence, Wang Shifan suddenly feel the author’s strong, one sentence Wang Shifan belly to express the meaning, but also easy to understand.

?The definition of Link analysis

4. "Shanghai Dragon Art" mentioned, what is worth paying attention to

Need a website optimization of enterprise website should be how to design the website structure

the above two parts required to write in the meta webpage as well.

; the name of the enterprise; ?


in addition, some sites also need some special effects to meet the customer’s eye, usually with JS or more advanced jQuery with CSS style implementation, which requires that the JS code section to separate JS file storage, to call the JS file in the form of expression in the web page.

from the perspective of optimization, not only the webpage in the title bar can be users visually see the title, also includes information on the optimization function of meta, which is the main key words and describe the work, also called for a different set of. Keywords and description is better understood, each page what keywords, with what, but also require specific settings.

is the title of the site, including not only the website home page, but the entire site each face of the user page, from the optimization perspective, each page should have a separate title and content, in order to maintain the single content, also is the entire station not repeatable.

page or column page title classification structure: " column name or category name " " "

in addition to the two code, also need to pay attention not to frame in the form of writing, because the search engine can not read within the framework of content.

Two, ; the name of the enterprise;

page title structure: " Web page to optimize the keywords of " " "

content page or product page title structure: " news headlines or product name " " "

; the name of the enterprise;

in the Internet website work has been more than seven years, including the direction of web application, art design, editing, optimization, and computer maintenance, space domain sites etc.. In these years of work, for the enterprise web site level is deep, especially contact Shanghai dragon after optimization, have in-depth knowledge of the overall structure of the site design, and used to obtain good results. Need a website optimization of enterprise website should be how to design the structure of the site


at this stage, most of the site code structure for div+css expression, content and style, make the page structure is not deep, so that search engine spiders read more smoothly, and the old table structure has basically been replaced, because the table structure is too complex and not conducive to the environment of competition. Div+css website, according to the optimization requirements, need to separate CSS part write CSS file, to call the CSS file in the form of expression in the web page.

site title structure

, a website code structure


Multiple site home page is not the first reason

home is not a reason in the first is often, especially long time station webmaster is a look at the home page snapshot, ranking as wind sways grass can from all aspects to find the reasons, so I according to some reasons they are familiar with, start one by one to see if we can find the reason.

as everyone knows when we were in the weight analysis, a web site, especially in the first home page is important is, in the past the SITE home page is not the first site we often do not exchange with Links, my website Chinese pesticide talent network (www.nzrcw贵族宝贝) has been in operation for many years because the ranking is also good, love. Shanghai has a certain weight, in exchange Links process also attaches great importance to the exchange of a chain, the weight is high, ranking good, excellent operating for a long time the formal site. If under normal circumstances, there could be a large area of drop right phenomenon.

: a step by step control home is not the first

3:IP addresses the frequent changes of

1: the site was linked to horse or poisoning

then this phenomenon is now really emerged, and the fierce storms make people panic, fear has suffered, then immediately open the site, analysis of the problems.

for several reasons


In my analysis of this site when the chain of

: a large number of friends of the chain of home is not the first let the shocking

website cheatingThe >

site is cheating can easily lead to the home page is K or even total station is K, is my Links in this situation? Think there may not be the case, because the first of these sites are stable for many years ranked good operation site, already bid farewell to the need to maintain the operation of cheating so, analysis of key words for each site are piling up, whether the chain software release traces, did not find the relevant traces, the reason can be ruled out.

recently, suddenly appeared a large number of test results "is not the first home page" the red words deeply stimulation, why there are so many Links also have this phenomenon? Will not let my site also suffered a series of problems in trouble? I began to go analysis of the causes of such problems and possible consequences.



is the most easy to cause web trojan website right down there, after the performance of the site was linked to horse general: stop updating the snapshot, the page has been K, long time no treatment after ranking a lot of drop, which there is a performance from his home after the first fall. So I open the link each site, problem analysis code, and simulate the robot crawl, did not find any horse phenomenon and improper words, ruled out the site was linked to horse or cause poisoning.

The Shanghai dragon, whether has entered the alley

three: whether the website promotion has certain effectiveness. The chain of information content, also need to have a certain degree of quality. So, in order to get the search engine included, to help the site. The role of the chain in decline, but its importance, or can not be neglected. Strong chain, the weight of the website promotion association of

from the following aspects, that after the Shanghai dragon road, will be more difficult to walk. The increase will gradually matched the requirements specification to the effective site.

: a website access speed. The server is a virtual space bearing sites, servers need to support. Now the Internet users need is fast-paced, can know the moment. When access to the site, more than five seconds in the cache, may direct the closure. Therefore, the server access speed is timely, directly affect the site;

Shanghai dragon road, seems to be lost, let a person have a kind of elusive feeling. Such as search engine algorithms, in the continuous adjustment. Accordingly, the effect of the web site has been poor. Thus, greatly reduce the site optimization personnel mentality, to dispel the enthusiasm of some. In this way, the better will affect the site. Therefore, the current Shanghai dragon, whether has entered the "Hutong"


Shanghai dragon, is a long and boring work, need to have some patience. Then, to develop efficient optimization scheme, and practice. This will make certain effect. The optimization is not easy, need a comprehensive. Thus, the effect will gradually appear. Especially at the early stage of the optimization of personnel, more need to focus on these basic points. Optimize the way at present, would be more difficult. If a little attention, may make the site into the alley, in a stagnant phenomenon. This article from: 贵族宝贝shop.xinhuacang贵族宝贝

two: website content is readable. This point is the most attention of visitors. The need to understand the product information content. Then, will have the desire to buy. Compared to the content is the introduction of products, like the appearance of fruit. The surface of things, there is the possibility of understanding, will be the next action;

The current


Write to reading surge 15th Title skills

1: sign rule 2: digital rule


is used to reveal the answer, unexpected results, the long-awaited event

modified: God skills, the people of India and the hanging

9: exposed thigh Rule 10: key contradiction rule


! . The symbol

the following 15 major title law is reading article summary from more than 1000

exclamation case:

13: rule 14: rule

through the use of questions to attract attention to the readers’ interest to ask, thus, try to put narrative sentence into a rhetorical question, that is expected to significantly strengthen the core content, more prominent questions, but also easy to resonate

induction for many beginners do not quite understand, and then combined with the specific case analysis


Of course, this

ellipsis highlighted the good suspense, about to speak, but saying nothing left room for imagination full of

a good people from the media is a good "title party", on a good title will directly affect the amount of reading, the site visits, users will eventually affect the conversion rate. Some people say that the network marketing is not the absolute dry cargo is 100%, some soft, I think so, as long as we provide is the content of the user demand and value, I think it is a successful soft

5: Rule 6: down to earth law

3: bangdakuan Rule 4: know the body rule

a few people can put the title up in place, especially beginners need to continue to exercise to try, through the data analysis of user feedback to adjust. Statistically, 10 out of 8 people will read the title, only 2 people will read the article. So we should spend more time in the title, because it directly determines the opening rate. So a good title is a small

also expressed surprise, for praise, anger, sad sigh, such strong feelings, can generally cause the attention of people with this symbol, help you brain emotion


comment: before the amendment is an open.

11: human weakness rule 12: Chase hot rule

7: recognition rule 8: the user through the rule of

is highly abstract, expression of abstract concept can help the readers to fill out the brain contains emotion, in addition: people are born to have the very strong symbol recognition, so use can play a good effect in the title.

1: Sign Rules

: India three before the revision of what God is there

15: inventory rule

exaggerated condemnation

The real website optimization is by focusing on the user experience first

second, set the tag tag for the website article page. We optimize the website especially for site code optimization, must hold for customer service purposes and ideas, how to allow users to quickly find the information needed for the website optimization is our key considerations. Users come to your website also want to quickly find the information he needs, so the station tag classification label is very important, popular classification labels can tell what information the user is a popular search site. That gives the user a navigation information, can greatly reduce the user’s information search time.

website optimization is a process of constantly step by step, to the structure of the site, because the site structure may cause confusion of spider crawling efficiency station layout, there is one detail is the web page code optimization, website code is the most basic and most basic elements ", many owners simply asked to site meet the use function, but to search engine spiders, far more than this, the code is the basis points of access to the site spider, so as much as possible to simplify the web site code, providing smooth channels for crawling and crawling, such as the use of CSS page layout, can greatly enhance the utilization rate of the site code.

third, to simplify the structure and web site code.

We know that certain

fourth, observe the background statistics analysis to understand website user intention.

first, web server is based on website optimization is also the site of the camp. The basic premise is site optimization, many sites are stored in the virtual space, especially for the enterprise web site we can not be treated like that just for personal site site selecting a virtual space, the user is not willing to stay too much at one time has not open the site, so the site space speed is the most basic site bounce rate threshold. According to the information site we don’t too fancy appearance for the settings of the site, such as a large number of flash animation, dynamic advertising etc. These are the key details of the impact speed. As a webmaster we must understand. The speed of the site for the first. The speed of the site can use love Shanghai Webmaster Tools query, it will be with some optimization suggestions, can be used as a reference station.

we know, website optimization process user experience for the importance and significance of optimization of the staff, the current site optimization we cannot operate in relying on the original ideas, must be clear for the user to consider the idea that we required to pay attention to the website user experience optimization, user experience optimization is reflected in the details well, let’s talk? Short continued, into today’s topic, the real website optimization is the focus on the user experience first.

most of the time the user experience we can not direct express, or to rely on data analysis to provide a strong guide for us, general webmaster analysis software have functional analysis of related experience, common to the details of the impact of.

To recruit, help website cohesion vitality

website is no money webmaster headache, now what are in need of money, if a website run without money, then the state could not support the too long time, so the first thing is to change the webmaster, how to find the money? I suggest there are two points: one is to sell the long-term benefits in exchange for money, as long as we now have a website traffic, then we can go to sell, I do a local class life site before site traffic every day is more than 200, depends on this more than 200 traffic I sold 20 thousand yuan, 20 thousand yuan and that makes me temporarily out. The two is to seek support, we have no money does not matter, as long as there are people who support us on the line, every industry has its own website support, and do a good job in this support is particularly important. For example, your site is a kind of local real estate website, there are now some rankings, but lack of funds, this time we can own website implement separation system, sell some of them, I think as long as your site traffic is a lot of local real estate companies will buy, you see the key how to operate.

throughout its development has entered a stalemate, such as previously popular Taobao guest website is now basically stalled, so there are many local websites, industry websites. Why most websites entered a state of stagnation? Look at the development of these sites lack more resources to help the site from the bottom up.

we can see now parts of the site because there is no local connections, without strong financial support, the site is now already in the state can be suspended in midair, appeared in most of the webmaster is a pressing matter of the moment immediately to recruit, help site to re unite what is more flourishing, specifically

no money, then go to invigorate the promotion of

The ?

Most sites now

no contacts, then dig three thousand feet

, a web site is the most important capital and contacts, lack of the two things I think your website.

no contacts that your mining efforts were not enough, as long as we are native to the area, or our website is after a certain stage, if in this case there is no network of the most direct is to use relatives and friends. Why some sites now operating on the relatives and friends to pull resources, I have a friend when doing the tourism website, the website business rarely, he later by a distant cousin cousin as a chief of the Tourism Bureau, this friend of mine on the head of a year profit ten, what explains from: one is no contacts will have to do to find anyone, relatives and friends, the key is to learn and find the rational mining; two is the site of a profit after to share, someone to help you is not free, you have to be willing to part of the profits to maintain this part of the money or open up broader relations.