Talking about the five main points of grass roots station

do stand easy, do stand difficult, with 90 also began to step into this industry, competition is more intense, today I will tell you, I do station five main experience. OK, no more ado, start.

the first point is to have an attitude of persistence.

as the saying goes, "persistence is victory in the end". In fact, I am also deeply aware of the true meaning of this sentence when I am in the station. As many as a successful person, whether it is wise, is the head relatively awkward, just stick to it, and finally succeeded? So that every webmaster should maintain a belief to encourage himself. Of course, the insistence here is not only to talk about, but also to work hard and faith.

second, fixed point update.

why do you say you need to update regularly? Here’s my story. My every day is from about 10 to about 11.40 points to start the update (because most content needs to be original, pseudo original so a long time point), after each update is completed, and then update the generated home page and column page, and then use Baidu Search himself released today things have been collected.

why is included so fast, so accurate? Of course have a great relationship and original content, and timing of the update, update the site to develop over a period of time the habit of a day for two days, for a long time the spider slowly realize that this is a habit, you almost out of the article almost can get seconds this is the author, after a long test to experience.

third points, original content.

original content is always a web site for spiders important scoring channels, so, we must adhere to the original and pseudo original writing and publishing. Do not for a temporary lazy and go to a large number of copies, once two times, perhaps not too big relationship, for a long time, you will find that your website ranking in a little bit of decline. Original content is the most important thing to optimize the website.

fourth points, the chain release.

statement, I said the chain refers to the childish outside the chain, rather than those loose with the chain. In fact, many people have misunderstood the chain, to pursue the number of the chain blindly, but who really thought about how the chain for the website is really helpful? This is we need to carefully analyze carefully, after all, everyone has their own small abacus, I not to say, we rely on the excavation.

fifth points, do a good job in the website chain.

with the chain more and more attention to the situation, many people pursue the chain at the same time, often ignored the importance of the chain. Within the chain, is an important bridge site internal communication, an important link is to transfer the weight, Baidu spider to crawl through the chain and determine your site keywords to do, and give a certain score, so that combination of inside and outside, this effect is far.

Personal website construction and promotion of general steps

is now building a website is actually quite a hard thing, not to say that there will be an idea will be implemented immediately, summed up, and generally have to go through the following steps:

1, the pre planning of the website, what services and functions should be provided, and the division of channels and columns. Focus on only one subject.

2, website content preparation, which need to provide electronic version, which need to provide pictures and images, basically content preparation should closely rely on existing planning scheme to collect and sort out.


program design, this can also according to the actual situation, if the site anxious released on-line, but also for the individual and not too strong requirement, may be the construction site using mature system, half the time it can be issued a very mature website, the website can download data, types are: the information and forum etc..

4, domain name and space provider screening, domain name must be better remember, when necessary, you can go to China domain name club, Taobao and other trading platform Amoy a very good.


space must be stable, do not covet cheap, so as not to cause the website visits a slightly increased, frequent downtime. My suggestion is that the content is not too much, the amount of visit is not too much, then rent space to do, and so on after the big talk, the initial recommendation of using a virtual host.

Optimization of SEO

5, the website, as of 2006 the site has about 700000, how talent shows itself in these sites is a big issue, so we must make the optimization of SEO, from the channel and column, each site elements, and the site map should be taken into account, the only way.

The first step in the promotion of

6, the website is to each big search engine login and submit, if the energy is limited, at least have to submit: Google, Baidu, Yahoo, such as free and the effects are good, but there may be up to a month before the successful login.

7, and secondly, promotion is going to maximize the application and exchange of links, and more to some classification website login, the good news is this is also free, and can save to good PR and exposure opportunities. Do not know the search engine login entrance please use Baidu Search feeds by

Stationmaster makes money road, I am very laborious

see a lot of people are talking about how to do to make money, have depressed, surprise, there are complaints, also preaching tuition I look after is very calm, do the purpose is to make money, the starting point and I think more important, no ground for blame, is that the website make money did not move, interest first! Because the interest will be more investment, more professional, more excellent website! Here is my interest, do


I was engaged in scientific research, is not a full-time webmaster, the website is also a super rookie, not afraid of you laugh at me, I do not understand is interested in, do not understand programming, database, do not understand the optimization. Well, what do I know? I only know how to make a static page. I can only use fronpage. Now you believe I’m a newbie.

just started also did not want to do, because I love to watch the game on the Internet, all often for a NBA or a football game to find what network TV, love to watch live online friends may know, now network TV station links many are able to see today, tomorrow not necessarily, so here too often change, especially irritated! Finally one day, I want to live every day all over the world to find such view is not the answer ah, why don’t own a TV website? But just contact the website construction, what all don’t understand, no time to engage in scientific research all day go to school, how to do? Go to some online TV program download site, a change (just change some simple, profound or do not understand, ha ha, usually is to change some background. Ah, font, and so on) Title modified to engage in a free space to put up, in some Post Bar on some today what games like advertising, ha ha, is really effective, really some people to visit, as long as there are a few people heart indescribably happy and every night (day not empty) have good statistics in the background after a long. Because I also want to see a big game, too often go to some web sites to find some can see the link, so my website links little, slowly every day hundreds of people come to visit. At this time, I am also familiar with the website a bit, thinking about how to do their own domain name and space to do, coupled with the fact that the free space is very unfair at the bottom of the ad. Want a good, the first is to choose a domain name, ha ha, said that there is a small episode, I would have to consider several domain names, I do not know what a good first guess, and finally how to set it? Oh, on the Internet to find a place to forget about all the fortune teller finally selected as the domain name, because only when a fortune teller "Ji", it is to let you laugh at me! Is followed by selected domain name space, because all static pages, do not account for the expected time game resources may also peak in the number of lines will be many but before, so I bought a limit IIS link number, then everything is ripe, a free Internet TV station.

Teach you to simply evaluate the value of your web site

website business, the Internet as a fast and efficient method of investment, more and more people have accepted and respected, for a stable income site, directly over the acquisition than on bank interest rates much higher, of course, the risk is big, this requires our investors must be on the site the value of an accurate assessment. As a senior webmaster of A5 website trading area, I contact and evaluate many websites every day. Here is how to evaluate the value of websites simply (depending on search engine websites).

1. website site time

the longer the site, the better, especially to ask the original webmaster, the site to maintain the current theme for how long?. A web site that has been 5 or 6 years old is trustworthy for both search engines and users.

2. Baidu weight

‘s largest search engine is Baidu, and its market share is the largest, so the weight of Baidu determines the value of the site to a large extent

3. friends chain, the chain situation

have done the website all know, friend chain and the quality of the chain, quantity, have influence to the weight of the website. A station, if the chain is very strong, and its stability and rising space is relatively large, such stations even new sites are also worth possession.

4. site history

how to evaluate a website is good, the most direct is to see whether it was stable enough before. General tools to see him for the last 2 years, weight change big, the fluctuation is normal, but if there is any serious drop right or be K, that the value of the site will be greatly reduced, because the website is a bad record, so that Baidu K will increase the probability of being again.


5. entry

The entries on the

site, preferably in the inner pages, are ranked, and the number of entries is large and should be scattered across different pages. For some sites, may be all his entries are home, there are rankings, this must be careful.

the above five points when we want to invest in the acquisition of the site, we must carefully check the authenticity, preliminary evaluation of good, can ask to see the site specific flow conditions, flow is the most able to reflect the real situation of the website. For practitioners in the traditional industry, if you want to invest in the website, it is better to find a friend or ask me to help you analyze and evaluate.

article starting A5 Qibao – site trading blog

Talk about personal website optimization experience

in the first half of May has been busy with the company’s website SEO optimization, there is no time to thank the article, mainly busy.

today, we talk about the recent optimization company website in you, our company website when I took over, from any aspect does not accord with search engine optimization, the site theme is not clear, the structure is not clear, each page of the title are the same, is the name of the company, the home of the keyword description with keyword writing the construction of the network company website or company name, I am depressed. After my revision now looks good, all aspects are adjusted to the search engine love website, each page independent titles and descriptions, and quickly generate static. The choice of 6 main key words are placed in the home, this is what I do is regret the decision, because the site is now CE certification, FCC certification, ROHS certification, CCC certification in Baidu and Google has a good ranking. But there are 2 key UL certification, ETL certification, is at the back of the title keyword, keyword density and in front of a few keywords almost, but the ranking is different, in the search engine completely according to the.

so I suggest you choose the best 1-3 home page keywords, do not be too greedy, which indicates that the site in the building before the keyword selection is very important, I do not understand our industry, so how do I choose the

keyword?First, according to the main

service company, to determine the key problem.

second, check the same industry, other companies website is how to choose key words?.

third, talk to people in the industry and ask them what keyword they want to use in search engines (in other words, analyzing user search habits).

mentioned above the weight selection and keyword search engine on the title is more on the more weight, a page too many keywords to optimize is adverse, it is difficult to optimize, the reason I chose 6 key words some also can have good ranking is the key competition is not very intense, other industry site optimization means is not high, if it is relatively intense industry competition, too greedy words may not have very good rankings, to have a clear goal, the optimization of up to center. Want to many industry keywords too much? How can you classify these keywords, divided into 1 categories, 2 categories, 3 categories, respectively, arranged in the home page, column page, inside pages.

This is my

optimization to our company website ( this time to gain experience, hope to help you in the website optimization, website SEO industry friends, want to learn more knowledge of SEO, you can go to Shenzhen SEO station:

Prepare food to attract Baidu spider, talk about how to attract Baidu spider

today should be said to be a celebration of the day, the station just built a month, has begun to let Baidu like it. Since building station, I often go to stationmaster net to study, the summary that studies my stage now is summed up.

recently, Baidu began to organize, many stations have been K, some people say that Baidu K is not afraid, there are Google, which is true, but in China, Baidu still accounts for a large proportion. After all, Baidu dominates China’s search market in china. Through my own personal experience, I’ll discuss with you how to make Baidu like your station better.

1, the development of a website, must first have a resounding name, the election name is very important. Select the name to follow a few names, a loud, two is simple, easy to remember, to be catchy. Three, consider people’s input habits, it is better to choose the keyboard subtitles relatively near. Have a very long time, I love movies, but there are many online movies need to download the plug-in online watch, at least I am tired, I certainly don’t see if a prompt to download Plug-in, if I want to build a movie website online to watch the fluid, must have the market. I’m a movie buff myself. My initial idea was to build a web site that could watch movies online, without looking at any plugins, and be fluent. With that in mind, I set about building my own film site. First of all, there was a loud name. I thought about it for nearly a week, and I helped a lot of friends. Better choose 565c, call me happy, I like, and 56 seem relatives. Oh, to tell you, this is a little clever, must with the station with relatives. No good pedigree, but can strive to improve their own, and cultivate their own good pedigree. Isn’t there a stationmaster say, the person has no I have, the person has me to change, the person changes me new, this behind is a person new I set up, set up own style. Moreover, the name, 565c, I’m happy, I like, 565 close by, and finally add a letter C, readily knock on. I 565c, I like music, catchy. And very festive, take a festive name, and their psychological, looked comfortable. Besides, I go to 565c every day, and I enjoy every day. How many times to go, just how many times I’m happy, I like it. Don’t make the movie station, I can do the other station, I sell the car, I like music, I like music I sell guns, find friends, I like to do my music, my music industry station, I like a lot, I think what to do. I’m happy, I like to mention the choice of domain names, according to Baidu’s preferences, Baidu is still very fond of COM, so I would like to recommend you must choose com, do not covet for a while cheap, choose a CN, or something else. Great influence on the future.

2, after the name is chosen, optimize your website, do keywords, keyword is very important. This mentioned the name just now, I am happy, I like, with 56, my happy video is very lovesickness. Of course, also benefited from the recent news of the 56 website, because 56 pause, my my music, I can fire a fire. A very good example, follow station >

How to write a tech blog

With the

technology blog in the United States first emerged, such as TechCrunch and Mashable have achieved great success, the domestic technology blog also gradually popular, from the beginning to now have been developed, such as Lei Feng, tiger sniffing, and titanium media, Jian Soubo guest, 36kr etc. are in constant progress. How to write a tech blog is a big concern for every blogger or blogger team". According to my personal experience, I would like to talk about a few points for your reference.


1, locate

what is positioning is nothing more than blog content and user positioning. When you’re writing a tech blog, first of all, make sure who your users are and who you’re targeting. This is the most easy to identify things, because we often because of various reasons, the content of love and the expansion of user groups, although have been large, but ignore the needs of professional users, and the Internet, is the era of information explosion, lack of large and complete content, but the lack of small the content of beauty. For example, 36kr, which is a rapidly growing technology blog, their idea is to become the China version of TechCrunch, but from the current situation, they are slowly narrowing their own position, according to reports of entrepreneurship is more prominent, this field in today’s fickle Internet, have the courage and courage is rare.

two, real time

the ancients said, "hero", the "potential" is not "thing", but can be linked. The so-called current situation, is the social environment, often refers to the chaotic social environment, here stressed that the timing of the opportunity accounted for a large proportion. Today’s Internet can be described as highly developed, while at the same time developing at a high speed. All kinds of news are updated in real time, and the rapid development of micro-blog and WeChat is to deepen the real-time sharing of the internet. As the technology blog itself, the real-time nature of the article is particularly important. Whether it is TechCrunch or Mashable, they pay attention to real-time updates, we are interested can pay attention to.

three, practical

has just shared the importance and necessity of real time, and in fact it’s very important. Blogs are like daily food. People come and eat it. You share the content of rice, the user can eat, you share the bread, the user can also eat, you share the tomato egg noodles, users feel a change of taste, feel good. If you often provide mustard, I guess the user has come two times, and Hold can not live, unless he is mustard brother. What this means is that the content we share is more in line with the user’s taste, not too far off.

four, prospective

blogs are in a variety of forms

How to make enterprise website independent IP100

for an enterprise web site on an independent IP can reach 50 on the good, some people may laugh, but for a corporate website has been doing optimization of the workers, I feel the general corporate website IP are not too high, because the theme of the site and content has been decided not IP traffic enterprise website too high, even if will reach more than 100 or more, but this situation will not continue for a long time, a corporate website theme is probably around a product, a kind of variety, a region, a corporate website at most only 1000 pages (this is basically the biggest estimate), so a corporate website is doomed to less traffic situation, it cannot be compared with the type of portal website. This analysis we can easily find the enterprise site traffic is a very common phenomenon! How to make your site by more than 100 in IP can even stabilize such a good situation? I will according to your own experience to say


because contact optimization enterprise website is more, also relatively long, so I will focus on how to optimize the enterprise website to get traffic. When we receive a list of enterprise website optimization, we do not rush to change the title, change keywords, do links and so on. It should be from a visitor’s perspective to observe how the interface design of the website a? Whether the content of performance appropriately? Website structure is smooth (see page and page, between the different level structure is able to smooth each other if we find browsing)? The interface design is not harmonious, the content shows the page structure is not appropriate, smooth then we need to modify the site (the practical requirements of the SEOER can have a certain understanding of web application we may feel we do optimization is not necessary to change the page or even large area changes, but if a SEOER is really going to do so!). Said so much, I want to say is the site first is to focus on the user experience, only allows users to enter the site in the vision to make them feel comfortable, so they will have the possibility of second times to come, the website traffic really need to have repeat customers to maintain a considerable flow value. I have had such a site before the optimization of the layout of the web site I dare to compliment (at least better now, you can go to see), optimize work before I had a talk with business owners to optimize price, which talked about the website needs revision, need to adjust the layout, this may be a little higher than do not modify the site keywords ranking do price alone, for a long time to negotiate with the boss but he eventually did not agree (see the boss is not the kind of people also can not afford the money), but a in the keyword rankings do it, finally we signed several Baidu keyword do a give the effect of the cost. This site I optimized for about two months or so to reach his effect, the boss very readily gave me the money, but a month later he found me, not because of keywords ranking drop, but that the site does not flow, I was.

God dialogue case raises three earthquakes online education

with these two days of social media on a 100 education scores candidates "God dialogue" comics appear, online education can train high score candidates become a new round of discussion hot spot.

, a 17 year old student who took part in the 100 free education intensive program, has scored 109 points on the July TOEFL test, which confirms the effectiveness of the online education platform, Xu Xuejing. As 100 Education says: "100% brother does not produce content, 100 brother is a porter only.". No quality Porter is not qualified, but also can not get the wages drop, and 109 points, the examinee is the first case of online education, but also shattered online education without effect theory evidence. Xiao Xu’s successful experience is worth learning, and it also leads to low cost and high efficiency online education.

live is better than recording

a line to participate in the training of more than two years of candidates, only after several months of online learning, there are changes in turn the world upside down in TOEFL, when not see, perhaps a Arabian Nights thing, but now it exists around us. The same is online TOEFL IELTS (micro-blog) course, why 100 education can do? Students, New Oriental online, Taobao had sales in the sky course, this period of time and have to live on both recording mode.

, speaking of Gong Haiyan, believes that online education is no stranger to you, a champion of online education, three startups. After the ladder network operation is good, but also launched a live platform that good network, attack live market.

Most of the so-called flipped classes in

are based on video recording, while other online education is more so. The recording with low cost, high recycling rate, time and low cost, to capture the market by quantity over quality; and the live broadcast is equivalent to the disposable items, each time all is fresh, but compared with the cost is slightly higher, but wins in interactive, timely perception of students, good learning and reasonable solution. The student seems to live than listen or watch video, persist longer. Real online education requires teachers and students to get the right resources for teaching and learning through online interaction, and the live broadcast is undoubtedly a natural advantage.

and the impact of 100 education may benefit from YY, from the beginning in the form of live, and in the interaction between teachers and students designed to build on the experience of any feedback on their learning through large data mining. You can always question the teacher in the class, the students directly through the online answer sheet to answer, the teacher in real-time statistics can answer the case after a clear perception of the mastery of knowledge points, can be conducted immediately after marking comments.

in the classroom, students can raise their hands after the online sketch speak in chronological order, the teacher can also specify the students to speak, classroom teaching mode so as to better achieve the naming question, student speech, presentation and other line. And in class, students can see clearly catch the teacher’s >

Challenge WeChat, I want to believe myself, I didn’t think how to do it

recently in a number of television commercials saw easecredit advertising, there seems to be some feeling, and this one started easecredit advertising compared to some chills, easy letter from the beginning to now, we can say buried in torrents, and not to say that it has not been used for the crowd, even if it has some innovations, such as call low price pure communication advantages, but still in today’s market has not had the slightest change.

But when

easecredit just appeared and indeed to the market hit a shot in the arm, and then with easecredit bundled sales of hot models for a lot of momentum, at the same time we have to mention is the beginning of the easy to use letter to send traffic activities that I was impressed in the teeth of the storm and mobile Unicom is a high tariff issues, and easy to believe this also caused a certain impact, but easy to believe now why become a time tide loser?

is difficult to change the user’s habits,

the first point from the user’s perspective, easecredit did not really change the user’s habits, easy to believe in before the unfamiliar street, WeChat, QQ and other social networking, Fetion chat software early to seize the market, develop user dependent and long-term usage, and easy to believe that the bright younger generation rely on what advantages to change the user to use this habit? Users in the original social software in the accumulation of contacts

will decide on what path to follow?

can be said easecredit did not bring the user function updates, but have a similar function with their predecessors, it gives the user the listing did not substantially changed, so it is difficult to change the user’s habits which is not only in the late easecredit sustained expansion has brought some problems, in the early stage the user is no longer in use after a period of time easecredit, such easecredit is difficult to form the user viscosity higher, more difficult to change their position in the market.

positioning blur, can not accurately find the source

can be said easecredit is just beginning to locate the route to go family chat, but later became a couple in the market before the exchange tool, not a solid, easecredit is eager to open up a market, will lead to the two markets are not taken into account, no matter how many advantages of this software is easy to believe and if the customer does not have the opportunity to get to know, then there is no way to obtain a good product development, of course, this has many relationships and market positioning fuzzy easecredit.

brings a barrier for the development of positioning fuzzy easecredit, in the development of the accelerator because each customer wants to seize the customer level, so the every aspect of the customer in the loss, this approach allows easecredit The loss outweighs the gain. weakened, although there are some easy credit households are still in use, but as the number of easy to use letter of this circle is less and less, presumably the old user can persist will be less and less, after all this easecredit fuzzy market positioning from the view of development, is the enterprise product development taboo.

products emerge in an endless stream