How poor cabinet stores profitable

cabinets stores in large quantities, industry competition is intense, if you want to do business may have to learn a lot of stores operating experience, profitability is not very optimistic, they didn’t know how to use what way to remedy. If you want to make a good profit, you can look at the experience of others.

cabinet industry has been developed so far, many enterprises have entered the bottleneck of development – the old production equipment, the design of new ideas, serious loss of personnel, etc., seriously restricting the development of enterprises. In addition, with a substantial increase in the cost of building materials, change the upstream of the real estate regulation policy and artificial cost increase, the cabinet enterprise faces the transformation in the transition period, "how to win the market, I think the final cabinet industry fight or quality and service." A cabinet brand dealers said.

several cabinet dealers have said that the improvement of people’s living standard directly affects the high demand for consumer products, personalized kitchen cabinet design update speed, in this important transition stage, the cabinet enterprise itself needs to upgrade equipment. The need to improve the update speed, the more important is to restore the cabinet use intention: quality, fit the national fundamental policy, comply with the requirements of consumers, in the service to achieve excellence, the only way to achieve victory in the ever-changing cabinet on the market.

an interview said: "consumers are the elderly and children at home, hope to be able to ensure safety in the use of cabinets in the home, there is in the process of purchasing services, who all want to worry and effort to buy cabinets, not to spend money to buy not trouble." And his wife came to buy a cabinet mr..

cabinet store operators need to understand the market demand, if you do not grasp the product and market demand is likely to affect the operation. The above analysis of the business hope to help you, if you store profitability has not been improved, you need to think about other ways.

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What are the skills to operate barbecue shop

is not only a popular summer ice cream, the barbecue is beginning to attract the attention of the market chowhound, barbecue will be hot up. Some people want to do barbecue business, barbecue shop in order to make more money, you have to do some skills. So what are the skills to operate barbecue shop?

barbecue shop how to make money? Join the barbecue shop need to select, identify the timing is the key to better attract customers, need to consider in detail, such as shop decoration and construction, made of transparent glass enclosed in glass cabinets, on street filled with boxes of food appealing and so on.

how to make a barbecue shop to make money? Join the store style to be personalized, highlighting the psychological needs of many consumers. In the decoration materials should pay attention to texture, the layout is best to add some flowers and plants, to give customers a sense of warmth. Franchisees need to do all the preparatory work, to find the most reliable skills is king.

barbecue shop how to make money? Barbecue franchise needs to identify the skills of the way faster now, a lot of profit, investment, to be successful operating barbecue stores, need to find ways to make the barbecue franchise business on the upgrade, to do business planning is very necessary.

above is about how to make more money on the barbecue shop tips, I hope we can harvest. If you want to open your own barbecue shop, you might as well be prepared in advance, learn more about the successful experience of others, I believe you can achieve brilliant!

What are the skills needed to do business

education industry to get rich potential can not be underestimated, the state’s support rate for the education industry is very alarming, so as to join the big market, the education sector is a good choice. Want to become a successful education franchisee also need to master some skills.

in business education franchise, entrepreneurs want to shop in the market is relatively good, so entrepreneurs in the shop when the shop can master to create wealth in the market skills, then shop in the market to create success is simple! In fact, for this problem, the key is to entrepreneurs with market and consumer demand to develop strategies for the


A: Education franchise policy risk. So far, the domestic education or other departments have not yet made a clear division of the division of early education industry. A staff member of the Beijing Municipal Education Commission, said: China’s early education market has just started, we have never been approved education franchise.

three stores: education teacher talent is hard to find. It is understood that the number of children’s normal school in Beijing has not yet opened an early education to join the curriculum, there is no domestic universities set up specifically for the 0 – to 3 year old early childhood professional. In other words, now the country can not provide formal training as abroad, such as early childhood talent. How to train skilled employees in a short period of time, to ensure the quality of teaching, is a major problem faced by investors.


as operators to join the industry education, we must know how to play the advantage of a franchise, to find the right to join the brand, fast brand awareness, a firm foothold in the education sector, the money can only be more simple.



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How to successfully operate a fish shop

fish eat is many, the chowhound who, baked fish is the most delicious, its market is very large, the price is very affordable, especially in summer, fish business is once again hot up. We want to do business for many fish friends they ask Xiao Bian most questions is to open a fish shop to how operators? Xiaobian know is more than fish Rui is very reliable absolute hall, it was very experienced, will be very good to join your fish hall Yu Rui business. Here to introduce you.

Rui Yu Tang fish market competition is very large lux, Rui Yu Tang joined the fish you are absolutely can make money. A fish shop need to how to operate? More than fish in the Tang Rui rich experience, it is very important that good products. Rui Yu fish from the hall of national chefs selected dozens of Chinese and foreign research, medicine as a recipe, combined with nutrition, health is not lit. Rui Yu Tang fish fish flavors, freedom of choice, a variety of flavors to meet the needs of consumers, but also for the stores to attract a lot of customers, get more profit point.

Very strong

Rui Yu Tang fish strength, it tastes good, nutritious, join the fish market hall you Rui Yu assured. A fish shop to join Yu Rui how operators? You do not need to fish hall for operational concerns. Rui Yu Tang fish production standardization, operation procedures, without cumbersome management, easy operation! Wagang baking, secret material package, nutritious and delicious, Swiss investors more than fish fish hall can easily open a hundred years old. Full training, on-site guidance, until the church hall fish fish more than Swiss agent headquarters training to support the heart.


opened a fish shop but do not know how to succeed in business, the headquarters will full support! Rui Yu Tang fish put fish business to the extreme, it can launch a variety of delicious products, daily sales are very large, a lot of fish to join friends more than Rui Tong has achieved entrepreneurial success. Invite everyone to join!

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How to open a million yuan to earn a jewelry store

jewelry industry compared with other industries of position selection is particularly demanding, especially in the great pressure of competition today, good location is successful, the following network take you only 10000 yuan how to open a jewelry store to make money.

1, the

2, high population density areas />

3, crowded streets


5, people gathered or gathering places such as


There is a kind of entrepreneurial spirit called face

if you choose to start a business, then you have to do a good job of failure, because we all know that a lot of entrepreneurial risk, failure is common sense. In fact, failure is not so terrible, the most terrible is that we do not face, so I think the spirit of entrepreneurship is a rare face.

After four years of

these disturbing way he eventually became a stumbling block.

1. builds confidence through education and self training.

2. select fit >

How to open micro shop

how to open micro shop? This is a lot of small entrepreneurs want to know. Many investors get good income through open micro shop, want to let investment businesses shop is very jealous. Today Xiaobian take you to know the steps to open a micro shop.

The concept of

know the micro shop, so the question is, what is the open micro shop steps?

register a micro shop in the micro store official website, enter the page after clicking "5 seconds to open micro shop". Fill in the micro shop screen name, set the password to determine the password, the registration will be completed to complete their own micro shop, that is to become a micro shop owner.


1. submit audit information

2. waiting for the auditor to review

3. pay margin and charges

4. release products, suppliers do not need to open their own micro shop advertising costs do not spend, as long as the responsibility for orders, delivery, sale can be. Save a lot of manpower and material resources to promote.

In fact,

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How to create a small cake store wealth

dessert is everyone’s favorite, dessert can make people have a good mood, can make people feel happy, this is the special dessert, but also the characteristics of dessert. So now there are a lot of people to open the dessert cake shop, the more successful people to make money! Today Xiaobian take you take a look at the small cake shop is how to create great wealth.

no matter what kind of business, the location of the store is very important choice, as the saying goes: to open a shop, site is the key." The location of the famous cake shop requirements "flourishing". But for small shops, the rent is too high downtown, so it is recommended to choose a more prosperous residential area, near the school, the rent is more affordable, the place is not too large, there are 30 to 50 square meters is enough.

small cake shop business model in the shop decoration, famous cake shop will arrange uniform decoration and design, will assist the stores like Ganso the choice of shops, store decoration design and construction work. The cake shop on their own, it is necessary to do their own, it is recommended to pay attention to the following in the decoration:

is the first daylighting better glass wall. First of all, the customer can look at the store’s cake and other food, no doubt made an image advertising. Secondly, the glass wall is easy to clean.

second is the main color to elegant. Ganso pink is a good example of decoration, gives a warm feeling, do not use such a deep black color.

if you are also in front of the screen, then open a dessert cake shop! Small series of analysis and presentation, we can see the prospects for the development of the industry as well as the advantages of dessert. If you choose to open a dessert cake shop, there will be a lot of advantages, profitability will be guaranteed! If you want to shop before the screen to make money, then choose the cake shop, I believe you can create great wealth!

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Nanjing 321 entrepreneurs open class lecture

business has now become one of the themes of the times, around the same time in order to create a more favorable social environment, have begun to create entrepreneurship training programs and institutions, in order to help some social entrepreneurs.

in the keynote session, Lu Qi Tsing capital published "new energy industry" Internet plus "opportunity" keynote speech, she said: "in the sharing of power reform open electricity market, electricity reform is an area under the fire policy benchmark. Expected in the next few years, micro energy grid can promote short-term energy Internet applications. The distributed PV market and hardware equipment manufacturers in the face of new energy Internet outlet are facing many opportunities for transformation." Hina product development group chief technology officer Gao Peng has 14 years of experience in the new energy industry, many areas involved in electric vehicles, batteries, and even children’s toys and other new energy products. He said: do not make solar energy for solar energy, the combination of intelligence and wearable devices will create a larger market space."




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Static goods sales tend to be more effective

now people in the promotion of goods are often a variety of publicity, consumers can only be based on the sales staff to understand the words of the product. In fact, we are now selling goods, might as well take "static goods sold" business strategy, so that the effect is often better. After all, let consumers really understand the goods, so as to attract more people to buy.

not long ago, a shopping mall launched a place called "static goods sell" activities, attracting a large number of customers.

the shopping mall on both sides of the entrance to the store set up two rows of pavilions, built in a number of day and night non-stop washing machine, free laundry for customers for 50 days. Outside the pavilion with a notice: no matter who, as long as the washing machine failure occurs, you can get a free washing machine. The move has aroused great interest, every day there are many onlookers to leave "". Washing machine in the people’s attention to a small noise, wash clean, do not hurt the clothing, the motor is not hot, and many other advantages, so that customers feel the convenience of the washing machine, practical. Customers buy, sales are rising.

today, customers go shopping, some salesperson always blindly to say how good customer goods and how to perfect, so much publicity goods, often make the purchase and use of the customers feel cheated.

I have had such an experience. Last summer, I went to an electric appliance store to buy a wall fan, salesman tried to sell a certain brand of wall fan, and has repeatedly claimed that this wall fan quality, genuine. However, I bought a home with less than ten days on the bad. I found the merchant to discuss the argument, but ignore the business, and later reluctantly sent a maintenance personnel to repair a little, not a few days and bad. Until I finally found the association, the merchant promised to return. With this experience, I will be more careful after the shopping, even if the business is not good to say the goods are not easily tempted, only after many visits will be purchased.

as the saying goes: "the ears, seeing is believing." If you can engage in a number of businesses in the sales process, static goods sell activities, the characteristics of the goods to be displayed in front of consumers, so consumers in the purchase of your goods on the heart of the practical.

now, affected by the financial crisis, many businesses deserted, sad days. Businesses may wish to learn from the static goods to sell this experience, in order to sincere hospitality, the introduction of a number of close to the customer’s sales activities, arouse the customer’s desire to buy, to achieve the purpose of promoting sales.

if only through the sales staff to understand the goods, which will make a lot of consumers feel at ease. After all, the market is now a lot of counterfeit goods, some even if the publicity is good, there will be a variety of >

How much does it cost to open an animation store

China’s animation industry is now in a stage of rapid development, for investors, the industry has a lot of nuggets space. So how much does it cost to invest in an anime store? This issue is of great concern, in order to clarify this issue, the following is a brief analysis.

a comics store expenses include: store decoration, rent, staff salaries, expenses and business sources of working capital reserve. But specific to each store is different. How much does it cost to invest in an anime store? For example, the choice of the store address is different from the rent is also different, and the decoration of the store also has its own practice, this expenditure can be a lot of difference. So before the start must be put around the investigation clearly and fully understand the customer and your competitors, not blindly to speak for the supply of goods often row, don’t necessarily need to be very large to investment funds.

a animation shop investment cost includes all aspects need comprehensive consideration, the specific investment cost according to the needs of investors to determine the selection of objects. Some of the best animation brand investment costs are lower, investors may wish to find such a project cooperation, you can do with a small broad.

How to operate the Western Restaurant

Western food market has become more and more fiery, leading to a lot of entrepreneurs also want to open their own western restaurant, in addition to select the site, and master the management skills is also very important. So how to operate the western restaurant? Here to give you some business tips, I hope you can help.

first, brand operations thinking

if you do business in order to open a shop, you eat my money naturally simple. Anyone who goes to the shop, right? What size brand. Do not just want to simply fetched without enlarging the overall brand marketing thinking to store the form, then you in good products are not in such a fierce market to survive today! Survival of the fittest, and ultimately they can only be a victim of this commercial war

so the restaurant to join the brand marketing to improve brand first thinking, clear brand culture, brand marketing, brand strategy optimization setting goals; the most important find differences in food business brand shortage, improving the brand image, brand operation and management of the implementation of standardized.

secondly, the pursuit of brand value

For example: Babic

give you a pair of sports shoes, the factory on the value of 60 yuan, with Lining on the label affixed to the value of 200 yuan, Adidas label value 600 yuan, this is the brand value! In the fresh steak Western food products, under the banner of a strong brand that is what we can finally sublimation of the value of the product! So do not look down on a brand or even put you to join the brand as a synonym that is not good! Enhance brand value is imperative. From the overall operation of the store as a starting point, sublimation of the overall value of the product. It’s a matter of intuition.

Babic brand value

to today’s 80% is the culture, it represents a kind of reputation, a taste, a kind of style, and represents a way of life! So the concept of brand culture Western-style food refined steak, give the brand culture connotation, cultivating brand culture, changing the communication way and method, make the brand consciousness penetrated into every corner, so as to affect the public, is an important means to enhance the brand value babic.

finally, interactive offline marketing

In fact,

for food and beverage brands and offline marketing activities, very practical, compared to more network marketing dissemination, after all is to visit the store service experience in the taste of delicacy, the ideal time to taste the taste of the most just perfect Babic steak. Of course, we can also try to brand Babic staff interact with customers in the first time, let customers remember and accept your open Babic brand. The ideal interactive marketing model, can be very good to live back.

food and beverage market has been very hot, Western food as a foreign beauty

What should be done to bad client Shake off!

as a worker in you, you need to consider is what you pay, as long as the duty to work well, almost no what other concerns, but once embarked on the road of entrepreneurship, all this can not be the same, what you have to consider the bad customers it will be accompanied by your career development.

"when his boss is easy to misunderstand, want to seize every customer, every business, but sometimes so instead of the disadvantageous." Stephen, ·, author of "killing the giant: defeating the ten strategies of the industry tycoons," said Danny. "You have to know what you can do, what you can’t do, and whether your needs and values match you."

What is the

do another benefit: good few customers recommend bad customers. Get rid of bad customers is also in the future to improve the quality of customer base. So, how to determine whether a customer is really with you or temporary friction? When you complain with friends after work in the wine on the table, quickly think about source. "Is it because a customer who sees the name in the mail will upset you?" "Icing on the cake" (Your  Best  Just  Got  Better) a book by author Jason Womack said, "· you need to establish a high quality network of future opportunities from here."

"health of a business is the key to success, it depends on whether the enterprise has to adhere to their own values." Colorado Boulder CEO Jim · (Jim  Franklin) said, first of all, you have to determine the values. We call it 4H: honesty (Honest), Happy (Humble), craving (Hungry), and happiness. Our roots

For new projects of women entrepreneurs

now, whether man or woman, choose a good business project in the business of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurship is now very popular, the girls do not walk the line the road of entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial hopes to realize their life values. So what should be the choice of female entrepreneurs to invest in the shop to share with you four new venture for women entrepreneurs.

Second, open a shop to go abroad. More and more people go abroad now, but they are not very clear in the end what to bring to go abroad, so women entrepreneurs can open a shop from abroad, suitcase to daily appliances, from the power outlet to the battery charger to prepare a set of equipment for consumers, as they easily solve the troubles abroad, at the same time also bring opportunities for the development of their own.

Fourth, open a flower clinic. Nowadays people are more and more interested in growing plants, but most people are not good at growing flowers. Due to the changes of water, soil, fertilizer and other factors, flowers often appear leaves, yellow and so on. In addition, the flowers in a certain time to change pots, fertilization, watering, pruning, but we do not know how to do. Therefore, in this new life boom, wants to start a female friend should be aimed at this popular occupation, pay close attention to the study of raising flowers knowledge, to seize the opportune moment engaged in flower doctor in this new business, can cure disease, nursing clinic opened flowers flowers, flowers provide consultation and treatment services.

in fact in the modern society, there are many female entrepreneurial projects, how to choose the key project to see women entrepreneurs themselves, choose suitable for their own love often has more advantages, there are many new projects for women entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial intention of female friends can to everyone to understand the entrepreneurial relevant information, so as to better entrepreneurship.

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How to build beautiful countryside in Shouxian County

Shouxian County as an ancient city, still stands in the ancient city wall, which is a witness to the region’s long history, but also attracted a large number of tourists to visit. Shouxian County wa Bu Zhen in the beautiful countryside construction, good culture, tourism and industry "three cards", to create beautiful Huaibin Town, but the specific implementation cannot do without an effective program, so, how to build the beautiful countryside of Shouxian County wa Bu Zhen? The following and Xiaobian together to understand.

tile town has more than 2600 years of history. For historical and cultural heritage of the town, the provincial center of the village – fishermen village overall Wabuhu town into the scope of protection, through the planning and design, the village of village layout and architectural style consistent with the ancient town, 252 new housing units, but also supporting the construction of village square.

Shouxian County is close to the capital city of Hefei, Anhui, can make full use of geographical advantages to develop their own, so the future development prospects of tile town is greatly optimistic. The use of the lake water and tile town adjacent to the provincial capital Hefei advantages, actively develop the tourism industry, to open up a "green travel" and "red tourism", tourism circle. The town also focus on industrial development, relying on the provincial agricultural industrialization leading enterprises, 120 million yuan investment development and construction of breeding base, through the "company + base + farmers" mode, drive the central village big feature of aquaculture.

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What is the name of the shoe case

although many shopkeepers have seen the relevant naming skills, however, for how the name also has a lot of questions, I do not know what kind of name can refer to. Here, Xiao Bian on to introduce some of the shoes named case, so as to give a better reference to the owner.

1, a name:


interpretation: the name of the pronunciation more agile fluently, have experience with English lead a person to endless aftertastes, very simple, is a good brand name shoes.

2, shoe store name:

interpretation: stride meaning, describe the spirits, to exult.

3, a name:


interpretation: take handsome, power atmosphere fashion means

4, a name:


interpretation: Iraq, Iraq, girls; shellfish, flowers, flowers, beautiful and lovely.

5, shoe store name: man step shoe store

interpretation: you can walk like a cloud or cloud walker, the cloud is light, make your footsteps easier.

6, shoe store name: Dragon Knight shoe store


interpretation: this name and most of the other men’s brands put a very conspicuous, do not need to do too much advertising, visibility can go up.

7, shoe store name: Meizu

interpretation: charm so that women can think of another feeling.

8, shoe store name: step where girls

interpretation: homophonic, easy to remember, easy to spread.

9, a female shoe

shoe style


said the store’s shoes have appeared, Taiwan Yayoi appear attractive, high rate of return.

10, shoe store name: Ya Ya

interpretation: very personality and very meaning of the name; and a word that elegant, elegant, reflect a grade; there are two meaning a second Y: shape, like a foot shape, let people understand that it is not the other shoe shop. Two: and the first elegant homonym, convenient memory, but also highlight the atmosphere, do not rigidly adhere to a particular brand.


Sichuan labor exports continue to show the phenomenon of population return

with the gradual deepening of the slogan of returning home entrepreneurship, more and more migrant workers in Sichuan began to return to their hometown to start employment, the new trend of a strong impetus to the economic development of Sichuan, to enhance the output value.

2 1, a reporter from the Sichuan Provincial Bureau of statistics released the "effect of migrants on Urbanization in Sichuan analysis" was informed that the province’s labor output continued to show the phenomenon of population flow, especially the return of investment in the number of enterprises soared in the first three quarters of last year migrant workers return home invested enterprises 12454, the output value of 90 billion 114 million yuan.

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What kind of entrepreneur are you

‘s not rash, and there is a different character, rash and too much in haste, the choice in the venture will be above the natural difference. So, if you decide to start a business, the premise of natural or understand what kind of entrepreneur is better. So, what kind of entrepreneur are you? And let’s do a little test.

test: see what kind of entrepreneur you are

entrepreneurship. Not impossible, too, if you want to be successful in the need for themselves and the environment have a basic analysis and clear understanding of everything around, only do so successfully to entrepreneurship, and create the most wealth in the shortest time, you know what you are entrepreneur


test to see what kind of entrepreneur you belong to:

we all like to spy on other people’s privacy, and it seems that everyone has a peeping experience. If one day, when you walk in the street, found that the high wall has a small hole, you want to see what the hole from what


A. a pair of men and women

B. garden or lawn

C. magnificent mansion

D. watchdog or guard


A: you are a standard optimist, when you want to start a business, we must carefully review your goals is not rich and the actual situation of their own accord, whether it is in the range of your ability, not blindly optimistic, which is the root cause for to your failure, prepare for the worst to make you succeed faster.

choose B people: that you are a very realistic person, in the formulation of the objective is always very objective, so it is relatively easy to achieve. But is your style. But the lack of a little aggressive and passion, which is an obstacle of your development, if you can let go a little, a little more daring, it is more perfect.

choose C people: that you are a very worship of money, there are a lot of dreams, but always looking forward to the luxury of life. You have the objective of earning money, and you always have a way to get rich. But you know, you are the one to make money and desperately, which is harmful to health, so money is important, but you should know is that life is very important, do not make money to see than life and health are important to.


How to develop the cultural industry in Zigong

in the process of economic development, there are a lot of real estate industry, for our development provides a lot of thrust. However, in the process of development, the development of cultural industry is also inevitable! The first half of 2016, in deepening the reform of the cultural system and cultural industry revitalization initiatives under the guidance of the momentum of development of cultural industry in Zigong City, has entered a new period of upgrading, showing a new situation full of youthful spirit.

(1) project to promote new achievements. The great project of the city’s cultural system "in 13th Five-Year" were analyzed and combed the 60 major projects, plans a total investment of 33 billion yuan, of which China (Zigong) "Lantern town" in the cultural and Creative Industry Park, Chinese lantern, World Cultural Arts Center in Zigong City, the two phase of the project (Theater) and industrial sites square Salt History Culture Expo park four cultural projects in Zigong city in 2016 100 to focus on projects.

date, lantern township has invested about 6 million yuan, has completed planning and design, transition training base, office and supporting infrastructure, grape planting; lantern world project officially launched, has repeatedly studied matters of command personnel, funds application, investment work, initially identified the relevant for the smooth progress of the construction of supporting facilities; cultural center project, investment about 4000000 yuan, completed the system installation, hydropower, fire lanes and septic tanks and other outdoor construction, now being refined interior decoration engineering concept design.

(2) foreign exchange achieved new success. The depth of mining salt dragon culture resources, accelerate the formation of cultural industry. Organize relevant personnel to the province has Zhejiang, Nanjing, Guanghan Province, Bazhong and other places to visit to learn the development of cultural industry experience, formed the investigation report; actively with the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the Provincial Foreign Friendship Association docking lantern foreign trade project, the formation of the G20 summit, the Sino French cultural Cooperation Forum lantern program.

of Zigong Lantern Festival "100 city" plan, "Zigong city to promote the cultural and creative design services and related industries development action plan (2015 – 2020)" were revised and improved; drafting the "eighth session of Chinese Western Cultural Industry Fair", "the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair" the scheme, the Provincial Department of culture and the Zigong municipal government "on the promotion of cultural industry has become a pillar industry of the strategic cooperation framework agreement", the municipal government and Songpan county government "targeted aid cultural cooperation agreement" etc.. Preparatory meeting held the first colorful cultural summit, Zigong cultural industry backbone enterprises owners forum cum Training, started the construction of the Zigong lantern industry association.

6 months, the successful introduction of Shenzhen City, Xing Xing, Zigong investment and investment in the city of Shenzhen Branch Yu Xing Investment Co., Ltd. inject 55 million, recommend

You should know how to open a restaurant to do


meat taste better than vegetable dish, but vegetable dish are more beneficial to our health, better than meat, vegetarian now, more and more, the huge market demand growth and a new type of industry, a vegetarian restaurant is a good choice to make money. But for the first time entrepreneurs, want their own store business is hot, we must do two things, one is to have the characteristics of dishes, two is to have the right business methods, so as to successfully set up shop, easy to get rich.

for the "new vegan taste shades, hot and cold spell

often requires operators to seize the vegetable dish vegetarian meat than the broader the characteristics of wheat and soybean, vegetables and fruits can do what.

for the new "vegetarian" addicted to prime reason lies in tired of eating meat, to obtain nutrition from vegetarian dishes, so the key lies in the scientific and reasonable collocation. Recipes also have to be invited to the nutritional experts to customize. In this way, a meal can taste different for different collocation, including size, content arrangement, taste shade, hot and cold spells, with nutrition.

facade, decoration key to highlight the prime word

So the

shop without greatly, but must be clean and fresh, "tofu chalota" feeling. After all, here is to sell to eat, cleaning is certainly the primary condition. How to open a restaurant? In addition, store layout is reasonable, the goods classification arrangement, do try to make it look all varieties of panoramic view, the eyes are vegetarian, nature will allow consumers to impress, but also shows the characteristics of vegetarian.

open a restaurant operating points for all kinds of food

can be 100. A vegetarian restaurant is a coincidence, but the attendant is a test, there are generally two or three waiters enough, but they have to store goods well, to introduce customers should also be familiar, and targeted. How to open a restaurant? Usually, there are several types of vegetarian foods, some of which are konjac products, some are letinous edodes wheat protein products, as well as soy protein products are also very common decomposition.

opened a vegetarian restaurant catch season

vegetarian restaurant season is somewhat different, because of its customer base has certain particularity, so each month at the beginning of a lunar fifteen, or some events such as Buddhism, Guanyin Festival, also became a prime time vegetarian restaurant business. But on some lunar holiday, there will be a bustling scene, one day can also have a money income. Don’t miss this season.

people used to eating meat, but recommended