The flashlight that does not install the battery to illuminate the road of wealth for you

people for the understanding of flashlight is that it is used for lighting, which is true, but the traditional torch has gradually to be eliminated in this era, the traditional torch are using the battery, if the energy is changed into solar flashlight, so there is not a market?

is suitable for family or outdoor lighting, hunters, hikers and campers, military, security, traffic and engaged in exploration of the emergency work is convenient for electricity, less electric parts, gifts etc.. Do not need any power supply, the use of sunlight and light,  .

The use of


Food and beverage store decoration skills summary

a good restaurant, not only on the dishes are very distinctive, should also pay more attention to the decoration. Restaurant franchise owners will always worry about the decoration problem. Restaurant design elements should be coordinated, can not appear contradictory phenomenon. So, what are the skills of restaurant franchise? Xiaobian this is introduced to you.

1. wall

At present, many varieties of

2. ground

3. ceiling

4. doors and windows

What are the

5. lighting

should be selected according to the design of the light. The light distribution should be rational and beautiful, the lamp should not be too much, otherwise it is messy and not easy to clean; choose the droplight should pay attention to the installation height of the space, can not be too low, so as not to cause depression, but also pay attention to coordination and favorable area proportion of the lobby, top-heavy feeling will produce, is a small figure.

6. curtain

general use light color gauze shade, and various style of match can produce good results. Hang up to stretch, generous, long, wide size should be appropriate.

7. bar

What are the

Zhengzhou Wang Yuehua Huang Qing to Xinmi research innovation and development

with the development of innovation and Entrepreneurship Economy, innovation will be placed around the development plan. Zhengzhou City, Xinmi, the leaders of the recent investigation of the local industrial economy, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction.

2 16, Zhengzhou Municipal Committee, United Front Work minister Wang Yuehua, vice mayor of to investigate the industrial economy of Xinmi, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction work. Vice mayor Qi Zhihui accompanied by research.

in the industrial cluster innovation complex project base, Wang Yuehua for a detailed understanding of the development of leading industry, Xinmi industrial upgrading, technological innovation, and seriously listen to the relevant person in charge of the case report. After listening to the report, Wang Yuehua and his party on the Xinmi industrial economy, innovation and entrepreneurship complex construction work fully affirmed.

2015, Xinmi City, around the steady growth, adjusting structure, promoting transformation of the main line, continuing to enhance innovation capability, actively change the mode of development, firmly establish the overall sense of service, and more initiatives to boost industrial restructuring and upgrading, the overall trend of the city’s industrial economic operation is good.

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Mobile Internet plus entrepreneurial contest held in Chengdu

is a fifth horse contest in Sichuan, Chengdu is like a raging fire, at the same time in the process of the whole business competition, but also attracted many entrepreneurs to participate, let’s look at the details.

Four in the finals for the entrepreneurial


Taobao started the reason why so many people shop

talk about "man" this brand, many people may be its loyal customers. Indeed, in many women’s brand stereotyped, Yan man by virtue of its unique product design, coupled with high-quality material, for consumers to create a more comfortable fashion wearing experience, thus more sought after by the market. However, in the above Taobao has a high degree of popularity of the man, and now began to open online store, but also open a lot of. So, why is that?

2014, a fashion show Oriental TV "goddess’s new clothes" broadcast show designer clothes within the specified time, and then get the program live shows, and let the buyer to decide whether to buy through the auction. Sit in the "golden master" on the position of Fang Jianhua with the funny speech style into the audience’s vision, he led the clothing brand "Yin" lavish, occasionally shout out the most expensive.

this file draws on fashion, media and retailers of television programs in the eyes of Fang Jianhua is an important transition in the brand transformation. Prior to this, the main cotton dress "Yin exists only a handful of people in the mouth. Fang Jianhua said his customers are mostly living with some experience in women, advocating unassuming and elegant style, an affordable price.

more importantly, they are a group of Taobao users. Now we discuss the traditional hot in clothing brand "how to compete for business resources or whether the electricity supplier will hurt the brand image" and other issues, Yin man do not have this concern: before 2015, Yan man is a pure Internet brand, only electricity supplier channels.

but this format has to change this year.

2015 began in July, Yin man opened his first direct store. In April this year at the beginning of the 2016 Chinese fashion forum, Fang Jianhua started as a business clothing brand representative, stressed their "1000 city shops" plan in his speech: he will direct and join the thousands of stores in the open way, in 5 years, this figure there may be tens of thousands of.

in many people’s eyes, this plan is dangerous and aggressive. Amoy brand stationed in the line, the risk is not small. Cheng Weixiong, general manager of Shanghai habitat Brand Management Co., Ltd., said in an interview: the problem is to wash the brand line under the channel is the inertia of online thinking, conversion is a problem. Store to support the store rent, labor costs, etc., it is difficult to achieve profitability."

besides, it’s going to be so much.

was born in 2007. 1998 started in Guangdong, Fang Jianhua, after 9 years of foreign trade foundry finally encountered the bottleneck of macroeconomic trends. That year, foreign students

Yichun Railway Bureau to assist staff to promote all-round business

in the entrepreneurial activities of the people, the business is one of the important groups. Units and trade unions to encourage employees to play a new spirit of innovation in the new era, looking for entrepreneurship in the future, driving more people to achieve employment.

Yichun Railway Bureau

the Bureau through banners, billboards, and other publicity channels on the WeChat platform, employment policy, microfinance, occupation, employment information and other services for the publicity collection released all kinds of employment services to more than 300, to provide information service for the masses of workers. The Bureau was established to the Employment Bureau and other business bureau based aid group, in-depth understanding of the masses of workers in rich business difficulties and requirements, the registration record, ensure to independent entrepreneurs in place of service.

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Three entrepreneurial projects allow you to complete the entrepreneurial dream

  in recent years, entrepreneurship has become more and more people choose after graduation. But not everyone is fit for business. A lot of good entrepreneurial projects, the key is to have their own vision, to be able to grasp the opportunity to do their own more interested in the industry, and secondly, we must adapt to the local market, the market needs to sell out. The following small series to introduce a few easy to get rich good project.

snapadoo! Wang picked a few ripe watermelon, the melon seeds removed, washed, and then on the nutritional vacuole. The next day, soak a night of watermelon seeds into the majority of pots of sand, the end of the balcony to receive sunlight. 2012 new projects, a week later, the sand began to drill out the seedlings. Soon after, the first batch of small watermelon.

I help the wisdom of entrepreneurship environment is getting better and better

many times you can rely on social entrepreneurship, entrepreneurial environment is getting better and better now, want to have a lot of entrepreneurial approach. In the face of such a good entrepreneurial environment, entrepreneurial dream of people, it is necessary to act immediately.

he through the case, tells the story of the early start how to survive the storm, sharing the ancients in the book include the enterprising spirit, the three factors most needed and entrepreneurs: team spirit, risk awareness, understand the occasion. We also shared their own way to go through the ups and downs in the road, to provide a lot of valuable experience for each other.

organiser and star maxspace Bullock responsible person told the reporter, 2015 is all the entrepreneurs of the year, from the central to the local government in promoting the public business, and the Internet business is in a golden opportunity. In this wave, there will be a number of impressive excellent start-up companies, there are many amazing cases and opportunities. The purpose of this venture will be to create a private entrepreneurial experience sharing community.

Is a business opportunity



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How to join and cold noodle snack shop

new era, delicious also can not be ignored, the consumer is not a good fool, what kind of delicious to win consumers love, of course, only the trend of fashion in the food and beverage market will be more popular. Adhere to provide a green and healthy diet, and now in the market for hot investment to join, to provide more entrepreneurs to provide a good platform for entrepreneurship. Helen and cold noodle symbiotic, win-win cooperation.

smiled and delving into the ancestors spread cold noodle founder cheats, will combine the ancestral and modern diet delicacy perfection, made popular, delicious Shuangjue to food, won the favor of the consumers. So smile cold noodle join, will lead the trendy restaurant.

how to join the cold noodle snack


have entrepreneurial ideas and put into action when in the beginning, to a detailed understanding of Helen cold noodle can understand, the information from the various sources of information, the next step is the specific procedure:

and cold noodle

1, access China headquarters and the office and smiled cold noodle production workshop, also can by telephone, mobile phone SMS, Email or online consult way intention to consult, be sure to carefully browse the website and smiled smile cold noodle manual cold noodle.

2, joined the business to determine the intention to invest in entrepreneurship, entered the intention to negotiate stage.

3, after detailed negotiations, to join headquarters signed the "cold noodle and intention to join the book", with assistance from the headquarters of the cold noodle smiled into the store location, stage, including environmental assessment, evaluation, assessment of three District stores.

4, location after then signed the "purchase contract", and cold noodle franchisees need to pay a certain amount of deposit, and to apply for a business license, and provide the headquarters cold noodle store scale equipment planning.

5, enter the store decoration stage, in accordance with the unified style of the decoration to join Helen cold noodle shop, renovation construction on the overall visual image.

6, in the training phase, through the theory and practice to combine, allow the franchisee to master basic skills, washing shop management, daily management skills (the training contents include brand culture, the etiquette, knowledge, processing, fine washing stains washing technology and ironing technology, equipment maintenance, operation, management the marketing method, the whole) the training time was 7 to 15 days.

7, the end of the training after the signing of the "franchise contract" and "card sale agreement", and thus obtained the right to use the brand in the cold noodle, joined the shop decoration after the phone call smile will be issued based cold noodle equipment, technical personnel in a timely manner to the store in.

What kind of entrepreneurial needs to make money

entrepreneurship is very simple, as long as you have the idea of entrepreneurship, while willing to put into action, you can successfully become a member of the entrepreneur. However, entrepreneurship is not easy to make money, but also need to have more quality. So, entrepreneurs need to have money to make what quality?

1, once the idea of entrepreneurship on a step by step to do, to put into action, dare to touch, good at grinding, the only way to seize the opportunity.

2, a person to work on the ground, the fixed salary in the bank, year after year, in the end only a limited amount of savings. Want to make a lot of money, it is determined to start a business, but the goal is to go up, selected one hundred thousand, two hundred thousand, and then the number of one million, five million……

3, want to make money, you need not complacent, ceaseless enterprising. A lot of people began to struggle, but after he had spent countless sweat and sweat, making the future a little light, he began to let himself down. When you fall, you can never get up again.

4, you want to make money, but also need more brains, beyond common sense, a surprise move. The more ghosts, the more money you can make.

5, want to make a fortune to be afraid of shame, when you embark on the road of entrepreneurship, in the streets to sell products, do not be afraid of being looked down upon.

6, want to start making money, but also need to have confidence in yourself, so that you will be able to play a great potential.

7, entrepreneurship to be creative. "The first is genius, second do so third after do is fool." So, the first tip of entrepreneurship is a unique vision, do like a plant pet shop or alternative pet shop ahead of the project.

8, a successful entrepreneur or business people who are straightforward, forthright, smooth and clean, not sloppy, seize the opportunity, make a prompt decision.

9, you want to start making money, you need to listen to the experience of a friend’s advice.

many times, we only have more quality, to be able to make their dreams easier to achieve. If you aspire to become a member of the entrepreneur, then these 9 qualities need to be met, so that you can achieve the goal of making money.