Xining city double support work to achieve the ten 100%

Xining city support work to consolidate and develop the support model based on the results, to strive for the province’s support model city "eight", national "seven consecutive years" as the starting point, to promote rapid and healthy development of local economy, maintaining social harmony and stability, promote the modernization of the armed forces as the focus, focus on the fusion type development requirements, innovative ideas support, development support work, effectively enhance the level of support work, making a positive contribution to maintaining harmonious and stable society.

after various efforts, Xining double support work to achieve the "ten per cent", namely military twinning coverage, build a civilized unit of military police, police forces in Nanjing in support of the local "Four city" participation rate, with the rate of placement of demobilized cadres, and Suiqian families resettlement of demobilized army cadres, troops stationed in Nanjing have a computer room, reading room, training field of science and technology to support the military penetration, special care and placement of funds in a timely manner according to the standard of payment, retired military officers and non army workers to receive placement rate, compulsory family discount gold soldiers according to the standard rate of payment, retired soldiers to carry out occupation education and skills training rate reached 100%. Out of a relationship as the foundation, rely on education to guide and use regulations for the new way of security support work.


The central streamline meeting documents that are real

Recently, the city Party committee formulated the "Interim Measures" Chengzhong district government agencies meeting document management, the way the meeting and approval number, meeting specifications and size, meeting time and cost etc. made detailed provisions, to further strengthen and standardize the management of conference papers. This initiative reflects the transformation of the central style, improve the determination of the wind and truth-seeking, pragmatic spirit.

Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project financing 3 billion 900 million yuan

recently, the reporter learned from the Xining Municipal Finance Office, before the date of application, comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station financing 3 billion 900 million yuan by the National Development Bank loan Committee approved, which marks the comprehensive renovation project of Xining Railway Station financing breakthrough.

Xining Railway Station comprehensive renovation project total investment of 6 billion 800 million yuan, of which the bank plans to borrow $3 billion 900 million. This year, the Xining municipal government has been six times, linking up with the National Development Bank, repeated consultations, and invited the National Development Bank rating authority leadership to Xining guidance and communication, and ultimately the formation of adopting BOT mode of operation, provided by the National Development Bank Qinghai branch 3 billion 900 million yuan of long-term construction project loans. To project commercial shop rental, sale income and financial subsidies as a new source of repayment of the financing plan. Currently, the project is actively promoting the signing of loan contracts. After the funds in place, will provide a solid guarantee for the smooth progress of the project land acquisition, construction, accelerate the transformation of the Xining Railway Station project construction process.

Rectification of the city’s 13 production safety risks

In order to improve the safety of enterprise productivity, enhance employee safety awareness, enhance the ability to prevent accidents, recently, the City Commission by letter to carry out the "expert potential hazards" activities of enterprises to conduct consultation, spring pulse, 13 hidden investigation, all shall be ordered to make rectification.

Xining City, the first recycled water plant in 11 million 600 thousand tons of water saving

May 8th, Xining City, the first recycled water plant, the staff in order to purify the equipment in order to operate, from time to time to extract sample observation records. After 168 hours of performance testing, the same day, Xining City, the first renewable water plant officially put into operation. Here the recycled water will be mainly used for industrial water in Dongchuan Industrial Park, urban green water, pouring water on the city road and lake water.

Xining City, the first renewable water plant is located in the north of Bayi Road, Xining, third sewage treatment plant in the southeast side of the plant in Xining. Project started construction in October 2012, the construction scale for the daily treatment of sewage 35 thousand tons of recycled water. In recent years, with the development of Dongchuan Industrial Park and the maturing of copper, aluminum, silicon manufacturing and other large industrial enterprises stationed, the increasing demand for industrial water. These industrial water is now completely dependent on the exploitation of groundwater and tap water. Dongchuan Industrial Park is located in Xining City, the first and third sewage treatment plants, with adequate and stable sewage resources. Through the advanced treatment of wastewater, the regenerated water can not only meet the industrial water, but also can meet the needs of urban roads and green watering.

As the first pilot project of Xining municipal wastewater reclamation and reuse project, the project of the first reclaimed water plant in the city of

is one of the key projects of Xining "water into the city" project. After the full implementation of the reclaimed water plant, the annual use of sewage is about 16 million tons, the annual saving of water supply of 11 million 600 thousand tons, can effectively improve the comprehensive utilization of water resources. The development and utilization of city water second, for the construction of water-saving city, improve the water environment quality of Huangshui River Basin, are of great significance to create a national environmental protection model city and Xining city.


Provincial Safety Supervision Bureau supervise the handling of two enterprises in the presence of se

August 13th to 19, the Qinghai Provincial Bureau of safety supervision of the province’s 25 companies to carry out a special inspection, a total of identified the risk of a total of 298, seized the city of Xining, the illegal storage of 2 dens,

check found: Qinghai Tiantai sodium limited liability company system not set safety control of liquid chlorine interlock system according to state regulations, liquid chlorine storage tank inside the plant electrical facilities such as 19 explosion-proof safety; Golmud Lianda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. the company without changing the operating conditions, according to the formal design, without additional factory 8 safety facilities. Safety Supervision Bureau of Qinghai province Tiantai sodium limited liability company, Golmud Lianda Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. 2 production enterprises listed supervision, issued a shutdown rectification instruction book.

Supervision and standardize the province’s cosmetics business activities

In order to better grasp the security situation of cosmetics quality in our province, the provincial food and Drug Administration recently carried out cosmetics safety risk monitoring work, the cosmetics business activities in our province has been further standardized, strictly implement the cosmetics filing system management, earnestly implement the cosmetics supplier legal qualification examination, to effectively regulate the behavior of the cosmetics business enterprises; do buy cosmetics from the formal channels of purchase, cosmetics, self acceptance, sales registration, normative management behavior; strengthen supervision and inspection of the operators, illegal behavior will be strictly and severely punished timely, effectively purify the cosmetics business market order. The formulation of relevant supervision and sampling plan, organization of the provincial food and drug supervision, the provincial food and drug inspection personnel, municipalities consisting of three sampling group, which lasted 45 days, in the county municipalities of the province to carry out cosmetic risk monitoring sampling, sampling of domestic non special, special, special, the import of non special purpose cosmetics 29 class 450 number of products, cosmetics sampling have been sent to the provincial food and drug inspection and testing, the completion of the basic information data review, online entry in 2014 the work of supervision and sampling of cosmetic samples. The cosmetics Supervision Bureau to carry out sampling at the same time in the organization, on-site supervision and inspection of the sampled units operating cosmetics, combine on-site inspection and sampling work, the safety supervision and sampling combined with daily supervision organically.  

The province’s public security organs law enforcement case information system

reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau, recently, I opened the provincial public security organs of law enforcement and case handling information system, through the law enforcement information system will achieve online handling, to prevent arbitrary law enforcement has been existing for a long time, law enforcement is not standardized, not fine, not standard, even law enforcement illegal, illegal procedure, violations of human rights and other law enforcement problems will resolved.

According to

reports, law enforcement information system for smooth opening, new law enforcement model to promote the province’s public security organs of law enforcement information online entry, law enforcement process of online management, online supervision, law enforcement activities of law enforcement quality examination, will play an important role in the promotion and protection. Provincial Public Security Bureau requires public security organs at all levels will be included in the construction of the case information system to focus on the deployment and promotion of the year, a wide range of learning, training and organization, in order to achieve full preparations for the online case. At the same time, in the transition phase of the system operation, it is necessary to optimize the function of the case handling system, ensure the security of the service, and ensure the realization of the goal of handling the case online.



illegal ground satellite receiving facilities cracked the case of

reporter learned from the Provincial Public Security Bureau, in cooperation with the provincial radio and Television Bureau, Xining City Public Security Bureau cracked a major illegal operation of ground satellite receiving facilities case, and arrested the suspect hemou. According to them, since 2011, the suspect Hemou in the East District of Xining City Ji Sheng small commodity wholesale market of illegal business ground satellite receiving facilities "is the" brand ground satellite receiving equipment disk base 1055 pieces of silver, 169 pieces of satellite reception base, "Samsung" satellite receiver decoder 123, "long card" frequency demultiplier 350, "Hans Bell" brand frequency demultiplier 568, has more than 410 thousand yuan profit. Recently, the city of Xining City People’s court hearing the suspect Hemou illegal operation of ground satellite receiving facilities case, sentenced him to 8 months imprisonment, suspended for one year and fined $twenty thousand.


Xining this year, the number of new rural cooperative insurance millions of insured rate of 98.62%

January 9th, the reporter learned from the Xining municipal social insurance administration, Xining 2013 new rural cooperative medical system (hereinafter referred to as the new rural cooperative) personal insurance fund financing has ended. Xining insured farmers reached 1 million 12 thousand and 700 people, representing a net increase of more than 20 thousand and 900 people last year, the insured rate of up to 98.62%.

It is reported that in 2013

, the insured, the civil affairs department to determine the relief object (including five households, households, focus groups, in 60s 56 thousand to streamline the staff) funded by the Department of civil affairs of farmers, all participated in the NCMS, the participation rate reached 100%, 52 thousand rural one-child families, two female children. Funded by the health department participated in the ncms. (author: Mo Qing)


The domestic authoritative academicians and experts for the development and utilization of resources

8 24 April, sponsored by the Nonferrous Metals Society of China, Western Mining Group Limited company to undertake the first Saline Lake magnesium industry forum held in Xining City, Dr. Chinese Academy of engineering, Beijing University of Technology and other research institutes, 20 academicians and experts for the development and utilization of resources of Saline Lake Qinghai wise advice. Nearly 26 provinces, municipalities and autonomous regions of nonferrous metals and magnesium salt industry experts and scholars, nonferrous metals industry entrepreneurs, nearly 150 people participated in the summit forum. The forum, Saline Lake will accelerate the magnesium industry in technological innovation and brand construction of our province, inject new vitality into the development of the power and the development of Saline Lake magnesium industry in our province, also bring the exploration and Enlightenment for the reform and development of magnesium industry in Saline Lake.

Saline Lake is rich in mineral resources in our province, which has the characteristics of large reserves, high grade, complete type, good resource combination and multiple beneficial elements. "Since 12th Five-Year", the focus of our province to build a core of potash fertilizer industry, comprehensive utilization of sodium magnesium resources and Saline Lake brine deep processing industry chain of circular economy, built the country’s largest chemical fertilizer and potash, Saline Lake large base. The exploitation of mineral resources in Saline Lake has become one of the four pillars of the development of national economy in our province. But because of the deep processing and comprehensive utilization of resources of Saline Lake is still in the initial stage, leading to resource development in Saline Lake there is a single product, small scale, low level of comprehensive utilization, production process backward, poor technical problems.

under this background, the Nonferrous Metals Society of China and Western Mining Group Company held the first Saline Lake magnesium industry forum, industry experts on a wide range of Saline Lake magnesium resources under the new situation, the development and utilization of the potential value and development trend of issues such as communication, to discuss the existing problems and the magnesium resources in Saline Lake specific measures for our province Saline Lake magnesium resources industry to adapt to the new situation, to effectively meet the challenges and seize the opportunities for development suggestions.

"we are confident that the Qinghai resource advantages into economic advantages, in the effort to do the 100 thousand tons of high purity magnesium hydroxide and its downstream products project commissioning work at the same time, actively planning the future development planning of Saline Lake magnesium industry, and strive to build West magnesium as" domestic first-class, internationally renowned Saline Lake magnesium resource development enterprise. The." Li Jiankang, general manager of Qinghai Magnesium Industry Co., ltd..


Xining strides to the national environmental protection model city

on the morning of May 10th, the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau held a news briefing on the creation of the national environmental protection model city work on the situation introduced.

reporter learned from the briefing, Xining City, the "year" working closely around the social economy, environmental quality, environmental construction, environmental management of four major categories of 26 indicators to the crucial, a number of "year" key projects have been built and continue to promote, to further improve the environmental infrastructure, environmental management to further enhance the level of environmental quality further improvement of the public environmental satisfaction rate increased year by year, 21 standard indicators to be further consolidated and improved, 5 sprint index has been the basic standards, the "year" sprint stage of work and achieved remarkable results.

total emission reduction targets successfully completed

2012 to organize the implementation of emission reduction projects planned 30, reduction of chemical oxygen demand, ammonia, sulfur dioxide, nitrogen oxides accounted for 120%, 101%, target 148%, 100%, four indicators are the completion of emission reduction targets. The total discharge of major pollutants were controlled within the scope of the total control index issued in Qinghai province.

four economic indicators have been consolidated to improve

urban residents in Xining city in 2012 per capita disposable income is expected to reach 17426 yuan; annual investment in environmental protection index is expected to more than 2.45%; yuan GDP water consumption of 35.5 cubic meters / million yuan, down 17% over the previous year; above scale industrial added value of energy consumption decreased by 3.26% over the previous year. Million yuan of industrial added value of major pollutants emission intensity decreased over the previous year, four economic indicators have been consolidated to improve.

environmental quality further improved

"blue sky project", "clean water project", "quiet project" and "drinking water safety" all like to bear fruit. People’s environmental satisfaction rate increased year by year.

to increase environmental infrastructure

promote the city green space, theme parks, leisure facilities construction, the completion of 74 new rural village green, investment 570 million yuan, the new green garden of 40 hectares, the per capita public green area reached 10 square meters, in built-up area green coverage rate reached 37.63%.

after the meeting, the reporter to follow the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for the relevant personnel conducted field visits to the "year" key project. (reporter Bao Tuoye photo coverage)


The full implementation of our province health care and assistance to poverty alleviation action pla

in order to improve the rural poor medical security level, effectively curb and reduce poverty caused by illness phenomenon, March 22nd, reporters from the Ministry of human resources and social security department was informed that the province will fully implement the medical security and relief of poverty alleviation action plan, and issued the "Qinghai provincial health care and assistance to poverty alleviation plan of action in the past day". In the future, the province’s 520 thousand poor people will enjoy the sunshine of a number of health care policies.

it is reported that the "Qinghai Province health care and assistance to poverty alleviation action plan" established a poor medical security system, to ensure that the poor are all included in the medical insurance coverage, improve medical security and relief operations are precise and targeted; perfect "one-stop" health care and assistance service mode, to solve the poverty the population of medical errands loaning problem, reduce poverty burden. The establishment of the "payment mechanism and one-stop real-time settlement of funds", the implementation of urban and rural residents basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance, medical assistance "three medical security", the province’s 42 poor counties (city, District Committee, 520 thousand, 1622) of poverty of poor villages to implement participatory health care and poverty relief crucial action.

"plan" the four initiatives, the implementation of poverty population medical treatment "minus seven free medical, precise poverty ten coverage, reduce the medical burden of poverty population; perfecting the system of medical insurance system for urban and rural residents, improve the medical insurance for urban and rural residents financing payment mechanism, improve the overall level of urban and rural residents in health care, enhance the ability of medical instant settlement service the implementation of special subsidy policy; poverty insurance, for the poor population in urban and rural residents basic medical insurance for individual contributions, the Civil Affairs Department of the province will give full support from the urban and rural medical assistance funds at all levels of the financial arrangements, ensure that the poor and enjoy the benefits of all insured.

at the same time, the plan to increase the poverty relief efforts. The implementation of the poverty relief policy of major diseases outpatient and inpatient policy for the poor need chemotherapy for malignant tumor, chronic renal failure renal dialysis (ESRD dialysis) and other major diseases, outpatient treatment occurred within the scope of the policy cost, giving medical aid according to the proportion of inpatient medical expenses incurred; poverty the population in the designated medical institutions, the policy of relief, basic medical insurance, serious illness insurance reimbursement, remaining within the scope of the policy or the compliance of medical expenses, with no deductibles, give aid according to the proportion of major diseases; suffering from poverty in the designated medical institutions hospitalization medical expenses incurred during the year, a personal expense (including the expense part of a total of more than 30 thousand yuan), according to the proportion of aid.


Xining issued a ban on burning garbage, leaves, straw in the urban area

reporter learned yesterday from the Xining Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, in order to prevent the burning of straw, leaves on the air pollution, the city of Xining issued a ban on the prohibition of burning garbage, leaves, straw, etc..

since the autumn, Xining city and the surrounding area at the incineration of waste plastics, rubber, leather, garbage, wheat straw, leaves and other phenomena occur. This random burning behavior, causing some pollution to the urban atmospheric environment. Such as burning straw leaves, the atmosphere will emit carbon dioxide, nitrogen oxides, etc., smoke coverage greater impact on the residents of the area. In order to optimize the air quality, create a clean and beautiful environment, protect the health of the masses, Xining City, the requirements of the relevant units to actively implement the garbage and leaves Jinshao work, improve the understanding of the residents of the area freely burning garbage harm. At the same time, to increase the "urban village", community residents, Beijiexiaoxiang areas focus on clean-up, do the timely removal of garbage, Nissan Nissin, key sections with the product with the cleaning, it is strictly prohibited to refuse incineration and leaves, and increase inspection efforts, the organizational strength of the commonly occurring phenomenon of burning garbage road and area regular supervision and inspection; in violation of the provisions of units and individuals without burning leaves, Bacillus subtilis and Other Waste waste, according to the "People’s Republic of China Atmospheric Pollution Prevention Act" and "Xining city appearance and environmental sanitation management regulations" punishment. (author: Zhao Junjie)

The next 8 years, the direction of free training village doctors in the province of 3200

from this year, our province will be the 8 consecutive year, has been in the position of village doctors enrolled each year to receive health education of village doctors, agricultural and pastoral areas (including vocational high school), 400 junior high school graduates, vocational colleges and secondary vocational medical education, cultivating a total of 3200 medical professional and technical personnel, after graduation to enrich the village doctors team, optimize the structure of village doctors, village doctors improve occupation level. This reporter learned from the provincial health and Family Planning Commission in August 4th.

it is reported that the Provincial Planning Commission with the provincial education department, the Provincial Department of Finance issued the implementation of the "Qinghai province order directional free training work program" medicine village, "village to village to take the way of health education is required in the post village medicine village doctor, the local health planning administrative Department selection, recommendation, and commissioned by the college entrance examination basis, target training agreement signed, according to the corresponding qualifications and professional, assigned to the corresponding principal training, including professional clinical medicine (general direction), Chinese medicine, Tibetan medicine. Recruit high school (including vocational graduates), commissioned by the Qinghai University, Qingdao Health College School of Tibetan culture; recruit junior high school graduates, commissioned by the Xining health occupation technical school, Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture occupation technical school, Yushu Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture occupation technical school training, education of 3 years, for college and secondary education. The training of village doctors into the national higher vocational education sequence, after graduation, issued a corresponding certificate of education institutions. Oriented students after enrollment, training and to county health colleges and employment orientation, the location of the family planning administrative departments signed training and directional employment agreement, training during the execution of the protocol requirements, after graduation to obtain "the country doctor occupation registration certificate", directed to the village health room service for more than 6 years.


Spring Festival train article chapter of high-speed rail

to the spring festival. Do you want to buy a ticket? Is the road smooth? Which is the most convenient way to buy tickets? Transportation authorities have any deployment and arrangement……
which is the most practical way ticket? Answer:
1 can go to the train station ticket office or outlets ID card ticket.
2 by Chinese railway customer service center website booking, the first to be registered as users of the website. Registered users can also buy tickets for themselves, but must provide accurate information on the identity of the passengers.
3 call 95105105 telephone booking according to the prompt provide passengers identity information for booking, just call the local telephone booking in Qinghai Province, Tibet autonomous region, other regions can dial the area code (0971) telephone booking system can access the Qinghai Tibet Railway company.

2 do not use false tickets;

4; do not easily believe that on the Internet, purchasing agent train ticket information, so as not to be deceived.

in addition, without the identity of the passengers to the railway station in the temporary identity card for the window to do the temporary proof of identity, proof of identity with a temporary ticket. Three people in politics:

Xining tiger office in a timely manner to resolve disputes 39 students get labor costs

August 5th, the West Sea Metropolis Daily A5 edition published a student summer jobs owed wages. Xining tiger by the office of mediation, 39 students have received a summer work study program, a total of $10940. In August 6th, the students for the tiger Taiwan office, specially sent a banner.

August 3rd, the tiger Taiwan Street Office of comprehensive management office, after receiving complaints from students, timely call Qinghai Normal University comprehensive management office leadership, on behalf of the injured party, students of the legal representative of the employing entity and the police leadership coordination meetings, negotiations to resolve the labor disputes. The staff to the employer responsible for patience to explain the relevant laws and policies, the employer to recognize their violation of the "labor contract law", on the spot for 39 students paid summer work labor costs 10940 yuan.


The city’s industrial and commercial system to seriously organize the study week activities

in order to further improve the system of cadres and workers of the political theory, laws and regulations and the level of business knowledge, so that cadres and workers in a better state of mind into a new job. The city’s industrial and commercial systems combined with the needs of the law learning program and the actual law enforcement work, will be the first week after the Spring Festival holiday to work as a study week".

Shenyang industry and Commerce Bureau hopes to complete the work of electronic registration in June

2016 June, the Shenyang Municipal Bureau of Commerce and industry hopes to be able to complete the work of the electricity supplier registration, electricity providers to win the recognition of electronic work. Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau start "I promise you to supervise the activities, to open the whole of society to optimize the services window and promote open government, accelerate market access, encourage entrepreneurship, help the development of enterprises such as 9 commitments, and 117 social supervisors awarded.

to create a "service oriented business", for a period of time, Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau according to "broaden access, service quality, approval speed, enhance the quality of ideas, adhere to the problem oriented, reinforce supervision and inspection, to all kinds of problems found, timely notification ordered rectification.

is required for the whole system of 358 registration window personnel "will be allowed to say," all the certificates; in January 1st, in the northeast region of the first implementation of individual industrial and commercial households, the sole proprietorship enterprise instant registration mode…… A series of pragmatic initiatives to make positive changes in the style of cadres, the market vitality further release. In the first two months of this year, the city added a total of all types of market players, an increase of 13 thousand and 400 over the same period last year, a total of 39.5%.

according to reports, this year, Shenyang city Industrial and Commercial Bureau will continue to deepen reform, using advanced experience for reference, bold exploration, take a number of innovative initiatives to break the long-standing "restrictions and fetters", make the enterprise registration more convenient, more intelligent supervision.

in accordance with the plan, is expected in June, Shenyang will be the full implementation of electronic business registration. By then, the full implementation of online applications, online acceptance, online audit, online publicity, online hair and electronic business license issued by the work, do not need to go to the hall.

at the same time, the implementation of enterprise name registration system reform, open enterprise name matching query online, not involving pre-approval of the project enterprise, cancel the pre approved link name, the name of the enterprise to maximize the release of resources for enterprise registration, save time, improve efficiency.

is worth mentioning is that Shenyang will also learn from advanced experience, the use of bank outlets and distribution of the advantages of bank agency business registration, the rural and remote areas for industrial and commercial registration more convenient.

wants to better accomplish the full electronic business registration, the need for strong support from all sectors of society, so that more people are concerned, in the wisdom of supervision, the construction of smart business supervision service system in Shenyang City, the establishment of credit information publicity, online monitoring, supervision command in the implementation and supervision of retained traces of the four platforms. To achieve real-time capture, illegal clues analysis, case investigation, task to the entire online operation, make the handling more transparent and open.

related recommendations

The city of Xining and Nepal Patan City, signed a friendship city agreement

Recently, the mayor of the city of · which Leheli Nepal Patan; salad Mary · Patan city delegation to visit Ning Banda interest rate collar. The visit aims to promote friendly exchanges between the two cities, to strengthen bilateral cooperation in education, agriculture and animal husbandry, trade, cultural and other aspects of the city of Xining, and signed a friendship city of Patan city and economic and trade cooperation agreement of intent.Accompanied by

Nepal Patan city delegation in Huangyuan under the leadership of the county, in Huangyuan county were investigated in Cameroon cultural tourism development project site and visited the local leather embroidery factory.

later, the Xining municipal government and the municipal government signed the "Xining Patan city and Patan City, the sister city agreement"; Huangyuan county government and the chamber of Commerce signed a "China Nepal – Cameroon cultural tourism development project agreement". This project is the introduction of a total investment of 13 million 900 thousand yuan were established in the comprehensive development of tourism and cultural projects in Xining Cameroon Nepal; vertical Shakodi Import & Export Trade Co. Ltd. signed "rapeseed and edible oil export contracts with Qinghai province Chang Choi grain and Oil Trade Co. Ltd.". Signed 2000 tons of edible oil and a total of 5000 tons of rapeseed, exports amounted to RMB 69 million 600 thousand yuan.

Nepal Patan city mayor Bhandari at the meeting expressed the hope that the foundation in two city economic and trade exchanges, deepen exchanges and cooperation in trade, culture, education and tourism etc.. Three the signing of the agreement marks the exchange and cooperation between Xining city and the city of Patan has entered a new stage, to the actual project cooperation to support the friendly relations between the two sides will be more solid and meaningful. (author: Xiao Shu)


West Song Contest invites you to sing a song

As a youth culture prosperity and development in west area, guide the majority of members of youth actively practice the socialist core values, the second young singers contest on the eve of Youth Day held to "sing the youth melody, singing the beautiful China dream" as the theme of the.It is reported that