How to develop the cultural industry in Zigong

in the process of economic development, there are a lot of real estate industry, for our development provides a lot of thrust. However, in the process of development, the development of cultural industry is also inevitable! The first half of 2016, in deepening the reform of the cultural system and cultural industry revitalization initiatives under the guidance of the momentum of development of cultural industry in Zigong City, has entered a new period of upgrading, showing a new situation full of youthful spirit.

(1) project to promote new achievements. The great project of the city’s cultural system "in 13th Five-Year" were analyzed and combed the 60 major projects, plans a total investment of 33 billion yuan, of which China (Zigong) "Lantern town" in the cultural and Creative Industry Park, Chinese lantern, World Cultural Arts Center in Zigong City, the two phase of the project (Theater) and industrial sites square Salt History Culture Expo park four cultural projects in Zigong city in 2016 100 to focus on projects.

date, lantern township has invested about 6 million yuan, has completed planning and design, transition training base, office and supporting infrastructure, grape planting; lantern world project officially launched, has repeatedly studied matters of command personnel, funds application, investment work, initially identified the relevant for the smooth progress of the construction of supporting facilities; cultural center project, investment about 4000000 yuan, completed the system installation, hydropower, fire lanes and septic tanks and other outdoor construction, now being refined interior decoration engineering concept design.

(2) foreign exchange achieved new success. The depth of mining salt dragon culture resources, accelerate the formation of cultural industry. Organize relevant personnel to the province has Zhejiang, Nanjing, Guanghan Province, Bazhong and other places to visit to learn the development of cultural industry experience, formed the investigation report; actively with the Provincial Foreign Affairs Office, the Provincial Foreign Friendship Association docking lantern foreign trade project, the formation of the G20 summit, the Sino French cultural Cooperation Forum lantern program.

of Zigong Lantern Festival "100 city" plan, "Zigong city to promote the cultural and creative design services and related industries development action plan (2015 – 2020)" were revised and improved; drafting the "eighth session of Chinese Western Cultural Industry Fair", "the first Silk Road (Dunhuang) International Cultural Fair" the scheme, the Provincial Department of culture and the Zigong municipal government "on the promotion of cultural industry has become a pillar industry of the strategic cooperation framework agreement", the municipal government and Songpan county government "targeted aid cultural cooperation agreement" etc.. Preparatory meeting held the first colorful cultural summit, Zigong cultural industry backbone enterprises owners forum cum Training, started the construction of the Zigong lantern industry association.

6 months, the successful introduction of Shenzhen City, Xing Xing, Zigong investment and investment in the city of Shenzhen Branch Yu Xing Investment Co., Ltd. inject 55 million, recommend

You should know how to open a restaurant to do


meat taste better than vegetable dish, but vegetable dish are more beneficial to our health, better than meat, vegetarian now, more and more, the huge market demand growth and a new type of industry, a vegetarian restaurant is a good choice to make money. But for the first time entrepreneurs, want their own store business is hot, we must do two things, one is to have the characteristics of dishes, two is to have the right business methods, so as to successfully set up shop, easy to get rich.

for the "new vegan taste shades, hot and cold spell

often requires operators to seize the vegetable dish vegetarian meat than the broader the characteristics of wheat and soybean, vegetables and fruits can do what.

for the new "vegetarian" addicted to prime reason lies in tired of eating meat, to obtain nutrition from vegetarian dishes, so the key lies in the scientific and reasonable collocation. Recipes also have to be invited to the nutritional experts to customize. In this way, a meal can taste different for different collocation, including size, content arrangement, taste shade, hot and cold spells, with nutrition.

facade, decoration key to highlight the prime word

So the

shop without greatly, but must be clean and fresh, "tofu chalota" feeling. After all, here is to sell to eat, cleaning is certainly the primary condition. How to open a restaurant? In addition, store layout is reasonable, the goods classification arrangement, do try to make it look all varieties of panoramic view, the eyes are vegetarian, nature will allow consumers to impress, but also shows the characteristics of vegetarian.

open a restaurant operating points for all kinds of food

can be 100. A vegetarian restaurant is a coincidence, but the attendant is a test, there are generally two or three waiters enough, but they have to store goods well, to introduce customers should also be familiar, and targeted. How to open a restaurant? Usually, there are several types of vegetarian foods, some of which are konjac products, some are letinous edodes wheat protein products, as well as soy protein products are also very common decomposition.

opened a vegetarian restaurant catch season

vegetarian restaurant season is somewhat different, because of its customer base has certain particularity, so each month at the beginning of a lunar fifteen, or some events such as Buddhism, Guanyin Festival, also became a prime time vegetarian restaurant business. But on some lunar holiday, there will be a bustling scene, one day can also have a money income. Don’t miss this season.

people used to eating meat, but recommended

Shop guide 6 ways to control the cost of the shop

cost is every investor concern, so how to control the store effective cost for venture capital expenditure?

Million yuan to open the way to operate the clothing store

The clothing industry contains huge business opportunities

makes more and more people would like to open a clothing store, especially for some novice entrepreneurship, compared to other industries, the garment industry access threshold is low, relatively simple to use, has become a hot spot of current investment. But for small operators, how to open a small clothing store?

as the last century was born in 80s entrepreneurs, Li Yong ten thousand yuan of funds into the sea, just a short period of five years, has a total of six stores and one million. Her shop is from the hands of others in the face of the loss of the facade, and she is running the project is the most common, the most intense competition clothing, so, Li Jia is how to make clothing store stand out?

subway shopping malls in Xujiahui, with the layout of other subway shops and no two, clothing stores accounted for the absolute mainstream.

, however, one of them called "clothing concept" clothing store business is particularly prosperous. More than 10 square meters of shops were crowded with young girls in the streams of people busily coming and going, too busy to attend to all is a people in front of a bright young girl. Li Jia is the boss here, but also the other five stores in Shanghai operators.

was born in 80s last century, entrepreneurs, Li Jia has only five years of these. Five years ago, she knew nothing about business.

"snail shell" started sixty thousand months

2000, Li Jia and many white-collar workers in the office, nine to five. In the vicinity of Jingan Temple to work for her, a subway line two on the way to an encounter, opened her other lifestyle Title page.

in the middle of Henan Road station, I saw a small shop facing operational difficulties, are beginning to transfer. Although no one home business, but I am very interested in the shop, decided to ask the situation and then make a decision." Say it small, worthy of the name. Because it is only 3.6 square meters.

Li Jia recalls, at that time, although the subway shops are very tight, but the rent level is not high. The rent for the flat is 1500 yuan per month. My income was 3000 yuan per month, think even if lost, every month to take less than $1500, the risk I can afford." Now want to come, Li Jia some lucky, if the rent is now the level, then, his stage is still in the office.

opened a clothing store at the beginning of the business, limited funds is inevitable. In addition to the rent, Li Jia will spend all of the money to buy clothes from the wholesale market, where other provinces can save. No money to decorate, she found a stack of English newspapers, DIY, paste all the walls. All the upfront investment but ten thousand yuan.

Those micro business dark horse mask brand

2015 is the first year of micro operators, all kinds of masks settled in the field of micro business, to start a new market for the battle". In this year’s micro business mask market, who will win the first sales? Worth looking forward to. Here inventory of micro business dark horse mask brand, these masks are likely to be elected.

TOP  1: "Invincible Eastern" innovation –

classic baiqueling

2014, China first national brand also followed the trend of 100, settled in micro business, investment 1 billion, micro business customized products off the market quickly,


TOP  2: "sister in a circle" glamorous – Han beam

has not well-known brands in the business of micro channel, Han beam as a benchmark, micro operators continue to establish a standard guide. With the strength of the TV advertising program title, take the "circle of a sister of the


TOP  3: "fashion angel" free rebirth – CHAREAN Jia Lan

2014, "German Mestizo" — Jia Lan was born, with its "China first deep-sea biological membrane material" and quickly occupied the market, the quality of the products won the praise of many people in the industry, becoming the 2015 micro business is worthy of the name of the dark horse! Billions of dollars of investment TV ads quickly occupied the screen, covering nearly 1 billion people


2015, CHAREAN good LAN has "brand endorsement" and "increase efforts to put the plan into the TV" and other travel, is not difficult to see that the micro business war has started a comprehensive CHAREAN Jia Lan, the momentum can not be underestimated  


TOP  4: "legend days" beautiful still – after Han

Han that micro business will be the mainstream of the future, and the massive presence of micro business, is bound to bring a new trend, attracted more big add micro business, open up a new world.

TOP  5: "Lotus" tenderness hit – Recommended

What do you recommend to start a small rural entrepreneurship project

is now a lot of places are vigorously supporting the rural economy, more and more opportunities in rural areas, rural entrepreneurship is also a good idea. Rural entrepreneurship do what? This may be a lot of friends there are questions, today you recommend several good projects in rural entrepreneurship.

greenhouse cultivation and artificial breeding of the rural market has a lot of land space, suitable for greenhouse cultivation and artificial breeding, and the market demand for vegetables and meat will never stop. At the same time, as more and more rural people stay away from home, leaving a lot of land resources, which provides a better opportunity from one side. Whether it is a greenhouse or artificial farming, farmers must be clear about the friends you are ready to engage in the project has no market, whether you are skilled in this industry, the competitiveness is not strong and a series of factors. To ensure the feasibility of the start.

if you know very much about the people in the community, you can according to their needs, set up a housekeeping service in rural areas, will be very popular. The establishment of domestic service agencies, less investment, small risk, quick effect, but also can be arranged for re employment of laid-off workers, good prospects for development. You can also be integrated single business projects, such as the creation of elderly care homes, kindergartens and primary schools shuttle service department, information service center, the marriage, delivery service, laundry service shops, these should be considered in your.


How much money to open a creative home accessories shop

creative home accessories market demand, profit margins, so investors have been optimistic about. We have recently asked Xiao Bian such a problem, how much money to open a creative home accessories shop? Creative home jewelry shop investment funds are entrepreneurs are most concerned about, and now Xiaobian for everyone to look at the budget of the creative home accessories shop needs much money.

a creative Home Furnishing jewelry shop, beauty Yimeijia Home Furnishing jewelry life Museum, Home Furnishing jewelry brand development business star. The United States and the United States since the establishment of the United States, that is very focused on brand building, while focusing on the development of enterprises, pay more attention to corporate brand shaping. For each of the United States and the United States should be home furnishings stores to lay a good brand effect.

a people business brand building is not easy. But if you stand on the shoulders of a group of people to develop the brand is much easier. Beauty home furnishings store, is such a business intelligence. If you want to start a business, if you want to go the road of branding, then you must remember that leveraging". Beauty home furnishing accessories are willing to give you a fulcrum.

beauty Yimeijia Home Furnishing small accessories to join, ten thousand yuan to open a shop of his own, so the low cost shop, so, can I believe? In addition to investment is small, there is no other project advantage?


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Small series for you to resolve the symptoms of entrepreneurship

when you choose to venture this road, this is undoubtedly a difficult road, in the entrepreneurial process will inevitably have a different mentality, the key is to see how you’re going to solve, so have a good state of mind is very important, this small series specially summarized several methods to solve the symptoms and entrepreneurship I hope to help you.

: melancholia disease

: Wild disorder disease

>: arrogant therapy

Yiling District, Hubei Bureau of human resources and social entrepreneurship to support new ideas

the beginning of the new year, all levels of government are worried about how to carry out entrepreneurial new measures, Yiling District, the original 1234 new ideas, entrepreneurship has become a fixed business model, the birth of more people to join the ranks of innovation and entrepreneurship.

a theme clear new direction

two key projects to achieve new breakthroughs in

Wang Shi’s success depends on his eyes

Wang Shi

said, it can be really frustrating, but in fact his starting point is not high, did not read what the book, but by virtue of the spirit and the eyes look far ahead from a high plane, tenacious struggle, he succeeded, and almost became a model of China merchants!

17 years after graduating from junior high school, he did not go to the countryside, but in accordance with the wishes of the parents to join the army, Xuzhou and Xinjiang during the first half of the Turpan basin, the army for 5 years, transport soldiers (at that time not to jump the queue and successfully enlisted, no background home is impossible).

five years as car soldiers in Xinjiang after the restoration to the hydropower section of Zhengzhou Railway Bureau do boiler overhaul workshop workers. When the Railway Bureau got 2 recommended university places, according to Wang Shi autobiography is "masters because people love Wang Shi hardy and consistent recommended him to Lanzhou Railway Institute (now LanZhou JiaoTong University)". But one thing to note is that, at that time, Wang Shi father is deputy director of the Liuzhou railway bureau.

74 years, at least 23 years old, into the water supply and drainage of LanZhou JiaoTong University graduate, university undergraduate for 3 years (the last 4 years), adhere to read the "political economy". 77 years of graduation, assigned to the Guangzhou Railway Bureau works. Worked for 3 years, is a project technician, responsible for civil engineering projects along the railway. Married during this period and had children. The father-in-law’s family background is not convenient to say here, but it is the father of Wang Shi and his comrades, or it can be said.


The establishment of

1983 to the Shenzhen Special Economic Zone Development Company, in 1984 the formation of modern science and Technology Equipment Exhibition Center, as general manager.

1988, the company changed its name to